How To Get the Damp Mildew and Musty Smell Out of My Carpet?

How To Get the Damp Mildew and Musty Smell Out of My Carpet? – A carpet deserves more credit than we sometimes give it. You get to enjoy all the benefits it has to offer and sadly, you forget to give back sometimes.

How much more would you expect from your carpet if you took better care of it? Come to think of it; this can be such a rewarding task if you learn to organize the schedule and prepare the carpet for cleaning. A lot happens to your carpet, and it’s up to you to ensure that it looks presentable at all times.

Taking care of your carpet becomes easier when you are familiar with the basic steps and rules. For instance, vacuuming as often as you should, makes it easier to deal with more complex stains and dirt.

Fresh Fragrance

Don’t you just love to play with your kids on the carpet and the new fragrance hits your noses? All it takes is keenness on your hygiene routines, and the rest works itself out.

With all the right cleaning products, nothing could go wrong. Musty smells are the most common and seem to be such a headache. Not for long since there are plenty of conventional methods on how to restore dignity to your carpet.

For instance, the use of vinegar and warm water should get things started.

Dry your Carpet

How To Get the Damp Mildew and Musty Smell Out of My Carpet?

Moisture is the most notorious cause of musty smells that you should never overlook. Things get worse when you leave the moisture on for too long. If water spills on your carpet, take it out and spread it in the sun to dry.

In case of other liquid spillages, baking soda would be a reliable cleaning agent. It would be best if you never missed this or even vinegar in your house. They could come in handy in lots of other ways.

If your house happened to be flooded for some reason, drying your carpet in the sun would be no use. Replace it as soon as you get the chance and watch your living room glow and sparkle.

Sit Back and Relax

How To Get the Damp Mildew and Musty Smell Out of My Carpet?

How could you relax in such an awful smell? Easy, mix water, baking soda and vinegar and pour it into a spraying can. Spray around your carpet lightly and rub it in with a small piece of cloth.

This will help it soak and get rid of pungent smells from your carpet. Take your favourite magazine and read as you put your feet up. You have other options, such as watch series or take a nap.

Better yet, let the mixture stay on your carpet overnight. By the time you’re up in the morning, a pleasant smell comes calling from your living room.

Leave Room for Fresh Air

How To Get the Damp Mildew and Musty Smell Out of My Carpet?

Rather than leave your doors closed all the time, open up your doors and windows for fresh air. This should be the very first thing you do when you leave your bed each morning.

Keeping your doors closed all the time will only make it more conducive for mildew to thrive. Besides, this is the most natural way of keeping the air in your home fresh all the time.

That’s not all; your feet can rest assured of a dry and comfy place to relax and wiggle your toes. It gets better and more efficient when you do it every day.

Call the Professionals

What if bad weather comes calling, what do you do? If it’s beyond you, talk to trusted professionals that within your area. Harsh weather has its way of ruining all the warmth and comfort at home.

Fighting it on your own would be like beating up the wall with your fist. Allow the certified professionals that you should find within your area; do what they do best. After all, they have been at it for the longest time and would know what to do.

The best part is that they get rid of damp smells faster than you could imagine. You wouldn’t have to be so embarrassed when a guest visits you unexpectedly.

Use Foam Shampoo

How To Get the Damp Mildew and Musty Smell Out of My Carpet? – Who said shampoo is just for the hair? On the contrary, you’ve just learned the newest use on the list. You can use it on the part of your carpet that smells damp or musty then rub it in using a sponge.

Vacuum it dry after letting it stay for a couple of hours.

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