Laundry Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Laundry Eco-Friendly Cleaning
Laundry Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Are you looking for alternative laundry eco-friendly cleaning options?

There is no substitute for taking positive steps to be good stewards of our earth and its unique biomes.

In today’s world of convenience and consumption, we can make simple yet impactful, eco- and budget-friendly lifestyle changes.

Did you know that some items in your laundry contain harmful microplastics damaging our waterways?

The items you wash will harm the environment before you even add detergent or fabric softener.

We can help you reduce your laundry’s overall environmental impact.

Here are nine ways our cleaning products and services can help you green up your laundry routine with eco-friendly cleaning options that are better for your wallet and your wardrobe!

Eco-Friendly Cleaning For Laundry

1) Our Laundry and Cleaning Options Work Well In Cold Water

Choosing cold water is a highly eco-friendly way to conserve valuable resources.

It reduces laundry energy consumption by 90 percent and tightens up the fibers of your synthetic fabrics, causing them to release fewer microplastics.

Worried about your whites? Don’t be.

Our laundry and cleaning options are formulated for cold water, so you needn’t be concerned with your whites becoming dingy.

2) Consider Using Phosphate-Free Detergents

Many detergents contain phosphates, which cause algae blooms that adversely affect marine ecosystems.

Let us help you find phosphate-free laundry and cleaning products!

They are also free of petroleum-based ingredients and are readily biodegradable, making them your eco-friendly choice. They are gentler on your skin as well.

3) No Harmful Detergent Additives

Detergent additives, such as perfumes, dyes, and brighteners, only add to the adverse environmental impact of your laundry.

Eco-friendly cleaning options should be free of these harmful additives.

In addition, take care not to use more detergent than your load requires, as doing so will only put more toxic chemicals into the environment while making your washing machine work harder.

Learn how our laundry, cleaning products, and services help you use less detergent!

4) Concentrated Detergents and Eco-Friendly Packaging

Eco Friendly Detergent
Eco Friendly Detergent

Concentrated laundry detergents come in smaller packaging, using less material and less fuel for shipping.

Eco-friendly packaging means a lower overall impact on our landfills and our environment.

As a bonus, concentrated detergents are easier on your wallet, giving you more for your money.

Let a member of our friendly, knowledgeable staff help you maximize an eco-friendly laundry routine that fits your budget and your lifestyle!

5) Ditch the Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets often contain harmful chemicals and neurotoxins such as toluene and styrene.

A complete line of eco-friendly, non-petroleum laundry products that includes fabric softeners in a good pallet of scents will help you improve the overall quality of your clothing care and self-care as you do your part to care for our earth.

6) Use an Energy Efficient Front-Loading Washer

Not only are front-loading washers more easily accessible, but they are also more water and energy efficient.

In addition to using less water, an essential natural resource, front loaders spin out that water more efficiently so your clothes require less drying.

They also clean and remove stains more effectively. Just remember to use high-quality, phosphate-free detergent!

Contact us today and let a team member help you customize your eco-friendly laundry routine!

7) Focus on Energy Efficiency When Drying

Did you know the extra electricity used to power a high-speed spin cycle is significantly less than it takes to dry overly damp clothes?

This is due to the longer drying time and dryers’ overall high energy consumption.

Another way to increase your dryer’s energy efficiency and safety is to routinely clean the lint filter after each use.

This practice improves air circulation and reduces the risk of fire. Yes, dryer lint is combustible.

In addition, sensor drying is a more eco-friendly option because it saves energy by preventing your dryer from continuing to run after the load is already dry.

Your wallet will thank you in advance.

Another option to consider here is a condensing dryer.

A condensing dryer, also called a heat pump dryer, condenses the moisture inside the dryer and then reheats the air, for more efficient drying in less time.

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff can help with any questions you may have. Consultation is just a phone call away!

8) Consider Line Drying

Nothing beats the smell of sunshine and the pleasing aroma of eco-friendly fabric softeners!

Not only that, but the weight of the items while they are wet helps pull wrinkles out!

You may not be a fan of the crunchiness, especially with towels.

But a quick fluff in the dryer usually fixes that and still uses far less energy than relying on the dryer entirely.

Check out our eco-friendly indoor and outdoor air-drying options.

9) Avoid Ironing

Don’t we all love a great excuse to avoid ironing? Aside from being a tedious, time-consuming chore, ironing consumes more energy and can deteriorate your fabrics.

You might be amazed at how wrinkle-free your clothes can be by removing them from the dryer immediately after the cycle finishes and hanging or folding them.

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Eco-friendly Laundry Cleaning Service
Eco-friendly Laundry Cleaning Service

Check out our eco-friendly line of clothing organization.

Hopefully, you feel empowered to take your green-up efforts to a new level! We want to be your partner in being good stewards of this planet.

Our unparalleled commitment to caring for our earth shows in everything we do, from our products and services to our company culture.

We pride ourselves in bringing eco-friendly laundry and cleaning options to suit your needs.

Browse our products and services or chat with a friendly staff member and let us help you help our world.

Together we make an essential difference!

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