How To Prepare Your Carpet For Cleaning?

Your carpet is one of the most expensive fixtures and fittings in your home. Hence, you would like it to be clean, new and fresh at all points in time. You could either clean the carpet on your own or hire professionals to do the job. Both have their own pros and cons. Generally, if you are keen on getting the best out of your carpet cleaning it would be better to hand over the job to professionals. They mean business and though they charge for their services, you can be sure that they will do a thorough and clean job of it. However, whether it is DIY or professional cleaning of carpets, there are some preparatory works that should be kept in mind before calling over the professional carpet cleaner. This will ensure minimal wastage of time and the carpet cleaners will be able to do a much better job of it.

Declutter The Home: When you hire the services of professional carpet cleaners, they will most certainly be using heavy cords and hoses. You must ensure that the floor is totally clean failing which you could open the place to tripping hazards. Pay special attention to remove socks, dog bones, children toys before3 the technician actually arrives. It would also be a good idea to use a vacuum and remove the top layer of dirt before the carpet cleaners arrive. This may not be the norm, but it could help the professionals to get into deep cleaning right away.

Ensure Removal Of Light Furniture: 

Time is money. It applies to you and also to your carpet cleaning professionals. These professionals are hired only for cleaning the carpets. It is not within their call of duty to move furniture and put them back into place. Hence, you must take the responsibility of removing the furniture well before they arrive at your place. This certainly is not an easy job if you have too many furniture and fixtures. Be sure that that coffee tables and floor lamps are kept in a safe place. Moving them around could be a tough task and you could run the risk of damaging a few of them. You also should try and get as many furnitures as possible out of the carpet cleaning area. This will ensure much better cleaning. It also would be a much better idea to keep light furniture stacked in your garage because it will give more space to the professionals and they will be able to do a thorough job of the entire cleaning.

Take Care Of Your Walls

The carpet cleaners pull the hoses across the home, it is quite possible that the hoses could nick and chip the corners of your walls. This could cause serious damages to your walls and baseboards. It could leave behind some ugly black marks because of hoses and cords rubbing against the corners. To overcome this problem, you could apply the painter’s tape. However, be sure that the tape is of the best quality. This could help quite a bit. Painter’s tape can be removed once the job is done and good ones don’t leave behind any mark on your wall. They are easy to apply and easy to remove.

Lock Up Your Valuables

It would not be right to leave portable electronics and jewelry out in the open. Though most of the carpet cleaning professionals and technicians are honest, it would not be advisable to even take the smallest risk. It is okay if you know the cleaners professionally, but even then it would be better to be proactive than being reactive. You should thoroughly examine your room, and be doubly sure that all valuables such as jewelry, electronic items, and other such items are kept in a safe place. Also, try and remove items that are breakable in nature.


Pets have to be handled carefully and they should be contained and should be at a safe place. Birds, cats, and dogs could get frightened because of the loud noise coming from the carpet cleaning machines and vacuuming machines. We have to bear in mind that most carpet cleaners make use of cleaning systems that are mounted on trucks. The main doors mostly remain open because of the truck-mounted cleaning systems. If they are not properly contained, there is a risk of the pets escaping.

In fine, carpet cleaning is not the actual event itself but there are many things that have to be done before and after the event.