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Looking for laundry cleaning? Sending your dirty clothes for laundry service has become a norm as more and more Singaporeans are getting busier nowadays. What are the things that are related to laundry cleaning and how would this particular lifestyle affect us?

People not only send their clothes for dry cleaning, normal cleaning with water is also included in the laundry list especially for those sophisticated younger generation. So what are the things that we need to check before sending our clothes for laundry service

First of all, make sure there no valuables remain in the pockets and no matter how busy you are, you still need to check that for yourself, or else a painful argument may occur later on between customers and the laundry staff.

Keep your receipt to prevent any dispute for laundry items that do not tally with especially when there is no printed record at all to prove, and any lost items may not be able to claim easily under such cases. For some companies, there are cases whereby lost items are nowhere to be found and customers have to claim to retrieve their lost items. It’s important that customers check their dresses especially if there are expensive or rare clothing sent for laundry service. In Mrs Laundry, you can rest assure that everything will be treated with care and respect.

Next, for clothes which are fragile or are stated in the dress label that are only for dry cleaning, you then have to separate them and inform the laundry assistant to do so for you. Remove any attachment or accessories before sending your clothes for laundry services. Any such items being lost may not be accountable for if the laundry staff is not informed for such detail. Always be mindful of your own belongings to avoid any misunderstanding as such cases do occur at times.
You may want to group together some of your extremely dirty clothes worn by children after field games or sports activities or even clothes that are worn by your favourite pets, just to make sure that there won’t be any foul smell at all for your less dirty clothes sent together for laundry services.

At Mrs Laundry, if you are too tied up with your work and have no time at all to collect your laundry and you would thus prefer someone to deliver all that to your doorstep. This can be arranged with and you can focus entirely on your work after doing that.

Last but not least, you may even want to arrange for free islandwide pick up and collection of your laundry to reduce any hassle to the minimum. Our lifestyle has become speedier nowadays and things could be automated fully with mutual understanding, so ring us immediately for any customized requirement for your laundry needs and we will work out a plan to lesson your time and even your expenses can be lowered for such arrangement that could provide both parties with a win-win and delightful deal.

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