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Well cleaned, pressed and fresh curtains can really bring any space or room to life, mostly help your home or space look on point; tiptop condition. Have thought to yourself and keep delaying the daunting task of cleaning and drying such huge curtains in your home/space? With professional curtain dry-clean service, they are like your dry cleaning curtain angels, who would do the job for you. You can even forget about taking down those curtains that are already complicatedly put up! Dry clean these curtains can done swiftly easily after collect.

Did you know that any type of curtains, especially household, work, or huge ones basically can harbour tens of thousands of dust mites that to the naked eye can’t be seen as they are microscopic. One thing most of the general public does not know is that curtains works as effective air-filters. How so? Good question! Besides blocking the sunlight, curtains are always trapping airborne dust particles that include dead skin particles, odours, smoke and hair. You could say curtains can be a perfect habitat for nasty dust mites, and if this is left not properly cleaned or removed, it can and will cause a wide range of allergic relations, including hay fever, sinusitis, dry coughs, even asthma attacks, and so much more, barely scraping the surface of it. Does not sound safe or great does it? Do not worry! Our professional dry-clean service can eliminate such problems as well as keeping your curtains in pristine conditions, which leaves your home or space looking its best.

Remember caring for your curtains, protecting your investment in them and making sure they last requires a professional dry cleaning service. With curtain dry-clean service you don’t even have to take them down and be sent to the cleaners, you can save your time and your curtains can be cleaned, ensuring nothing is disrupt (especially in a office area or home) to your normal daily routine. Our professionals will fully utilize high powered modern extraction machines and specialist dry cleaning solutions to remove the most amounts of pollution and dust soil during the curtain-dry clean process. If you ever had your own curtains cleaned you know how much of a task it is for the whole process to be done and usually it would not take just a day let alone a few hours. With professional curtain-dry clean, it is all about convenience, the objective to make life easier for the clients. Make your life easier by calling up now.

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