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Importance of Choosing a Reliable Laundry & Dry Cleaning Company
If you have various types of clothing which some may consist of types that require laundry dry cleaning and you always wanted to send these clothing for dry cleaning but you do not know which laundry dry cleaning company to send it to? Not to worry, as we would provide you with tips and information on how to select a reliable laundry dry cleaning services.

One of the first things to look out for would be the level of expertise that a laundry dry cleaning service can provide. One of the most important factors is the wash quality, most dry cleaning services with experience offer impeccable quality which you will be able to identify with upon receiving it.

Next, one of the most important parts is that the company handling your clothing for dry cleaning has to deal correctly with the stains on the clothes. If the company is experienced, they would offer to take a look deeper into what type of stain is on what kind of fabric or cloth and etc. This etiquette normally taken by experience companies are normally the ones you would entrust your dry cleaning chores to.

In terms of convenience, where in the event you have got a very packed schedule for the day and you would want to look out for companies which provide services where they would assist you by picking up the laundry and delivering it back after it is cleaned.

The next important factor which you would want from a dry cleaning service is their promptness for completing the job on time and yet cleaned in great quality. This is especially obvious if the company has a large workforce where receiving large amounts of business will not affect their ability to deliver on time and yet not sacrificing quality.

With these basic pointers, it would enable you to decide on which laundry dry cleaning companies to take charge of your clothes and that you can expect great service from!

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Been using Mrs Laundry for my weekly laundry cleaning for many months now. I have been using several other companies but non are as good as Mrs Laundry. They are very professional and always deliver on time. Not to mention the price are very reasonable.
Esther Siow (Bedok)
Mrs Laundry
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 Danger of Using Unreliable Laundry & Dry Cleaning Company
As you would not be surprised to know that there many laundry dry cleaning service companies out there today on the market who offers these services at a low cost. But wait! What you didn’t know is what kind of process they take to clean your clothing. This would be every surprising to you and yet a dangerous factor to just use these services from unreliable laundry cleaning companies.

Dry cleaning is a process where chemical substances are used to remove stubborn stains on fabrics of clothing that require this process. And in the event where such a laundry dry cleaning company does not use approved and suitable chemical substances to treat the clothes, you as the end user will usually be the one who suffers from the consequences like skin irritation and other types of health problems. These unsuitable chemical substances are used by companies who normally in the first instance want to cut back costs and increase their profitability.

Therefore is always prudent of you to make the right choices when selecting a reliable laundry dry cleaning service where besides considering just the monetary factor. The process of dry cleaning clothes is one of the most important parts of dry cleaning.
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Why Choose Us as Your One Stop Laundry & Dry Cleaning Solution?
Regardless you are a busy parent, busy professional with little time, or having problems doing laundry, Mrs Laundry offer professional, quick and reliable service to meet your requirement!

In our years of business, we have measured our success on one thing – Your smile. We work actively to ensure that your garment receives the utmost clean and care. After choosing to do your laundry at Mrs Laundry, you will never to look for any other laundry companies! We provide quality standards whenever we do our client’s laundry or dry cleaning. We treat our clients’ garments and fabrics with care and respect; you will find that the quality of our work is nothing less than exceptional because we want to keep our clients coming back to us.

The services offered here are designed to accommodate clothing and home products. We offer the utmost competitive pricing to all our clients and collect your laundry at a convenient time and returned it washed, dried and hand-ironed. A next day service is available.

We welcome comments and questions from our clients as well as anyone who is interested in learning more about our services. You're always welcome to call us.

Let us help you make doing laundry not such a daunting task!

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Specialising in Laundry Pickup Delivery, Laundry Cleaning Services, Dry Cleaning Services, Curtains Dry Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning Services, Laundry Ironing Services, Part Time Maid
Specialising in Laundry Pickup Delivery, Laundry Cleaning Services, Dry Cleaning Services, Curtains Dry Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning Services, Laundry Ironing Services, Part Time Maid
I was sourcing around for laundry pickup and deliver service and i was recommended by my friend who has been using Mrs Laundry for many years. I am very pleased with their service. Laundry came clean and smells good all the time. They are certainly providing real value for their customers. Well done guys!
Ms Cara Yong (Katong)
Mrs Laundry
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