Carpet Cleaning Service in Singapore

Carpet Cleaning Service in Singapore. Do you believe keeping your office carpet clean always allow your visitors the freedom to enjoy your office environment? Then you should consider maintaining your floor by regularly making sure that your carpet is clean. Carpet cleaning is very important since it prevents allergies. Which will result from the dirt and dust that stick that may interfere with your health?

To avoid incurring extra cost, you should learn some of the tips on how to maintain your office carpet clean. Some ways usually used by carpet cleaners:

Carpet steam cleaning
Carpet steam cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Service in Singapore – Steam cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning service is the greatest way to ease dirt stains and also disinfect it. This is done only by applying the clean water steam at around 212F. The applied steam can disinfect the carpet of any germs, fleas or bedbugs. Steam carpet cleaning should be done after all the furniture placed on the carpet is moved.

After removing furniture, it is time to vacuum clean and make sure that every dirt and debris are blown away. Since steam will only remove the stains in the fabric. First, move the vacuum cleaner in one direction. Secondly, move in the opposite direction – Make sure all dirt and some parasites are moved away.

Lastly, remove spot stains such as spilled food using a piece of cloth, since this cannot be removed by steam.

Carpet Cleaning Service in Singapore – Foam cleaning

Foam cleaning also involves some steam cleaning during finishing. This process involves the use of a vacuum cleaner. With a rotating brush that helps spread shampoo detergents and scrubs off dirt on the fabric. Leave the detergent on the carpet for an hour. After which steam will be applicable when eliminating the shampoo and rinsing off the final dirt.

carpet shampoo cleaning
carpet shampoo cleaning

Use of carpet shampoo

This type of cleaning is faster and is common in Singapore. Most people prefer this because it is just simple and so it also requires for those who clean frequent frequently. Pour the shampoo on the carpet. After one hour, blow it with a vacuum cleaner, and the carpet is now clean. This is the most preferred method in Singapore since it is faster and economical.

Dry powder cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning involves the use of dry powder instead of using water to clean it. This method is a moisture-free method. This is a convenient method for removing dirt in the carpet fabric. This method involves the use of special chemical technology in a way that the powder allows no moisture or little. Sprinkle the powder and then spread using a rotating machine.

Leave the powder for thirty minutes. After that, the vacuum cleaner will remove the dirt together with used powder. This method is highly recommended for office cleaning. Since most of the offices are operational all through and may not have time to wait for the wet carpet to dry up.

Dry Powder Cleaning

There are also other methods to make sure that they make their office carpets clean. Most people combine these methods depending on the available equipment and chemicals. To make sure that at the end of the day, they maintained tidiness in the office.

Office carpet always maintains a strong impression in an office likewise to the outdoor appearance, flowers and other office decors. Many may be thinking that what keeps the office good impression is the outward appearance and furniture. However, tips about cleaning and maintaining are vital. We can choose the best method that can suit us when maintaining the cleanliness of our offices here in Singapore.