How to Wash Curtains Using Washing Machine?

How to Wash Curtains Using Washing Machine? Curtains are a staple of any home interior design. They serve a practical use in blocking out the sunlight and providing privacy for the people inside. Curtains also serve as vital pieces of home decor and add much to the rooms that they reside in.

It can be safe to assume that most rooms with windows have curtains attached to them.

Every day curtains are used — they simply hang there, protecting your home from harmful outside elements. Unfortunately, they are also prone to collecting dust and other substances due to their size, material, and other factors.

Because of this, it is essential to clean your curtains regularly to keep them in the best possible condition. The problem is, however, that curtains tend to be quite large and challenging to wash.

Experts recommend you wash your curtains every 3-6 months, but the challenge often makes people overlook them. Washing curtains by hand takes a tremendous amount of time and effort that not many people can afford.

Although, there does exist a more accessible and more straightforward way to wash your curtains. If you know how to, cleaning your curtains is elementary and effortless with the use of a washing machine.

Can you wash your curtains in the washing machine?

Many people might overlook the use of a washing machine to wash their curtains. It is because they are not sure if they can actually use it for this task.

For those of you wondering if they can just pop curtains into their washing machine, the answer is it depends. Generally speaking, yes, you can do so using your own washing machine. There are, however, some precautionary details you must consider before proceeding with the act.

Check the tag and the machine.

How to Wash Curtains Using Washing Machine?

First and foremost, you must be certain whether your curtains are safe for the washing machine. Most curtains have a label or a tag attached with instructions and guidelines on proper washing procedures. If manufacturers say that your curtains are washer safe, then you are good to go.

These tags will also indicate the ideal way to wash them, such as what temperature to use and what setting. If the tag is missing, you have to do your own research beforehand or risk damaging your curtains.

A general rule of thumb is that lightweight fabrics such as cotton are safe for the washing machine. It is also safest to go for a cool wash or delicate washing machine setting to avoid unnecessary damage.

Another thing you have to look out for is the size of your curtains and the size of your machine. Of course, you can not force curtains that are too large to fit in your washer. In cases such as these, it is best to look for a laundromat or professional cleaning service for you.

In these areas, they have large washing machines that can save you time and effort. They can also ensure that your curtains are the cleanest and handled with the utmost care possible.

Preparing your curtains for the wash

Many people have the notion that washing curtains in a washing machine are as simple as tossing them in. Doing this may result in unsatisfactory results and even damage in dire cases. There are things that you have to do first to prepare your curtains for the wash.

It helps to vacuum your curtains regularly and often. This procedure removes things such as dust, allergens, pet fur, and other unwanted messes. However, it will not take long for this stuff to build up if you neglect to do it.

Therefore, it would be best to give your curtains a good vacuuming before putting them in the wash. It will remove anything that has the potential to clump up and get in the way of the washing process. It will also help prevent any clogging or damage to both your washing machine and the curtains.

Remove accessories

How to Wash Curtains Using Washing Machine?

Another thing to take note of is that many curtains have metal hooks and grommets on them. Grommets are the small rings on the wholes of the curtain and sometimes have hooks passed through them. These are usually found at the top, and it is how these curtains are attached to curtain poles.

It is crucial that you remove the metal hooks before placing them into the washing machine. The metal hooks can get rusted, damaged, or even broken if left inside during the wash.

Even worse, the metal hooks could tear into the curtains or smash around in the washing machine causing harsher problems.

Some curtains have weights at the bottom that must be removed for the same reasons. It is safe to keep the grommets in there as long as the others have been removed. Just make sure to keep the wash in a delicate setting.

Washing your curtains

Once you have made all preparations and are confident your curtains are washer safe, it is now time to wash. This part is simple though you still must be careful to avoid ruining it. Place your curtains inside and get ready to clean them.

First, you want to set your water to be the coldest temperature possible. Heat can damage your curtains and especially their color. Coldwater is the safest bet for gentle cleaning.

Second, choose the delicate setting because your curtains can not endure a harsh or aggressive cleaning, nor do they need to. The delicate setting will make sure that your curtains are not damaged or warped in the cleaning process.

Your curtains can go into the dryer machine as well, under the proper conditions. You need to remember that if your curtain has grommets, they have metal in them, and you must be careful. Because of this, you absolutely must dry them on the lowest heat setting only.

Metals conduct heat well and thus could burn the curtains or yourself. After drying them on low heat, your curtains should be fresh and good to go.

How to Wash Curtains Using Washing Machine?Final words

How to Wash Curtains Using Washing Machine?

Cleaning your curtains using a washing machine is simple, but it also requires a lot of care. The machine does most of the work, but you still need to be careful not to damage or ruin anything. So make the proper preparations and research as not to destroy your precious curtains.

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