How Often Should I Send Curtain For Dry Cleaning?

How Often Should I Send Curtain For Dry Cleaning? It is common for curtains and blinds to get dusty and emit odor with time. Most homeowners just ignore it but at some point, they need special care. Cleaning your house curtains quite often is a great idea for keeping the house fresh and clean.

The ideal cleaning time should be in 3 to 6 months. Dry cleaning is also a good measure for large cloth pieces of linen, silk, and other sensitive pieces of fabrics such as curtains. But how often would you have to get dry cleaning for it? Below you get some efficient tips for maintaining the overall quality of the curtain.

Why should you dry Clean your Curtains?

How Often Should I Send Curtain For Dry Cleaning?

Washing curtains is generally not recommended as curtains are made up of sensitive fabrics. Detergents, hot water with constant rubbing motions inside the washing machine lead to fabric damage like shrinkage or fading. Curtains are expensive investments for the house, so it is vital to ensure proper care for a great house appearance.

How Often dry Cleaning is Necessary for Curtains?

Maintaining the quality of your curtains depending on how often you’re dry cleaning them. Frequent curtain dry cleaning wouldn’t affect the quality of the fabric. Many experts recommend drying clean your curtains a minimum of once a month.

Frequent dry cleaning also ensures that you’re preventing growth of microorganisms. There are many microorganisms, like bacteria and mold that grow on curtains when they don’t get cleaned often. Therefore, you’ll need to bring the curtain to Dry Cleaning Company for dry cleaning curtain.

When Would a Curtain need Frequent Cleaning?

How Often Should I Send Curtain For Dry Cleaning?

Generally, people clean their curtains in between 3 – 6 months, but it is recommended to clean curtains more frequently. There are many hazards in houses that can lead to curtain damage and make them appear old and unhygienic.

  • Dust – Most houses are situated in urban surroundings and houses near main roads and highways get dusty often. Thus, you must know that curtains act similar to filters for dust along with other airborne particles in the house through windows. People living in dusty environments must dry clean their curtains frequently to avoid certain damage.
  • Mold – Mold usually grows in houses with damp conditions, mainly in winters. It leads to permanent fabric damage and also triggers allergies. Especially for getting rid of mold, you must ensure that the cleaned curtains have been dried completely (and ironed as well!).
  • Allergies – Curtains are known to trap many allergic components like pollen, mold spores, dust, dander, pet hair, etc. If any family member suffers from allergies, regular carpet and curtain dry cleaning should be an important household routine.
  • Houses on the seaside – It is common for houses nearby the sea to have sand inflow. Salty breezes from the sea affect the quality of curtains along with window panes. In such circumstances, curtain fabrics with hard-wearing can be reliable.
  • Smoking – Houses with smokers generally have curtains with a bad odor. Smoke particles coming from pipes, cigars, and cigarettes easily get trapped in the fabric of your curtains. To avoiding getting a yellowish tint in your curtains around the house, you can dry clean curtains on a monthly basis. This also reduces the smoke odor inside the house.

Ensure that Right Materials are being used for Dry Cleaning Curtain

Also, make sure that the company is using the recommended materials for the curtain dry cleaning procedure.The best company would typically make use of high-quality materials for dry cleaning helping in maintaining certain quality.

Due to this reason, you must look at the selected company in a careful way.

There are lots of tops that can be used while selecting the right cleaning company for curtains for dry cleaning. Also, you must remember that you need to bring a curtain to dry cleaning at least once a month.

How Often Should I Send Curtain For Dry Cleaning? – Conclusion

How Often Should I Send Curtain For Dry Cleaning?

Compared to regular cleaning the method of dry cleaning is a lot more preferable as it prevents the curtain from getting damaged. Due to this reason, you must select the dry cleaning method when you’re cleaning the curtain. 

Curtain dry cleaning methods are highly useful for maintaining the curtain quality and keeping them in their best condition.

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