Do I Really Need To Wash Clothes Separately From Different Colors?

Do I Really Need To Wash Clothes Separately From Different Colors? We know where you are coming from. Doing the laundry is an underestimated task. Whether you’re living an independent life or just getting the house chores done, the laundry frustration remains the same.

As much as we want to just toss in our clothes, we find ourselves asking a very important question. Do I really need to wash clothes separately from dark and light colors?


Although this debate has been going on for as long as we can remember, the “yes” side still prevails. The reason behind this controversy is that there is no clear right or wrong answer. Laundry outcomes are different for everyone.

Several arguments are pointing out that separating laundry is just therapeutic to some people. On the other hand, separating laundry does have its benefits. More so, since various clothes have different materials, therefore, you cannot wash them altogether.

Why Do I Need To Sort My Laundry?

Do I Really Need To Wash Clothes Separately From Different Colors?

So okay, we need to sort out our laundry. The next question is, why is it important? Well, here are the great reasons behind it:

Retain Your Clothes’ Original Color

The most important advantage of separating the dark colors from the light is that it avoids giving it another color. Darker-colored clothes have much more dye in them. This dye can bleed out in the washing machine and seep into the other clothes.

This is a common scenario when you wash your dark jeans along with your light-colored bottoms. If you do this, then your pastel green shorts will definitely have a dark blue stain.

In addition to this, separating the colors can help you maintain the quality of your clothes. For example, you can add bleach or any whitener to your all-white laundry.

This will help your white clothes become brighter and appear as if you just bought them. This is something you cannot do if you mix your dark clothes with light ones.

Cater To Different Wash Settings

If you look closely at your clothing tags, you would see how it is supposed to be washed. Some would need to be washed in a high heat setting, and some can only be submerged in cold water. These care instructions are vital to keeping the quality of your clothes.

By sorting out your laundry, you can cater to these different wash methods. You no longer need to worry whether your favorite blouse can withstand a hot setting or not. You are at peace knowing that it is being washed how it is supposed to.

Your Clothes Are Made From Different Materials

When you look at your wardrobe, you will see silks, furs, cotton, and many more. Different materials make up your clothing. You would not want them to rub against each other during the washing process because this can be damaging.

Differentiate New And Old Clothes

Do I Really Need To Wash Clothes Separately From Different Colors?

The more you wash your clothes, the more the dye bleeds out. With that, the colors on new clothes tend to ooze out during the first wash. That is why it is important that you separate their washing process from your old clothes. By doing this, you can avoid mixing the colors of your clothes.

What Are The Benefits Of Separating The Dark From Light?

Even though sorting out laundry is time-consuming, it is proven to be worth it. Here are the numerous benefits you can get from separating your laundry:

Longer Clothing Life

Do I Really Need To Wash Clothes Separately From Different Colors?

Sorting out your laundry based on its color and fabric preserves its quality. As a result, you can minimize damage and make your clothes last longer. No matter how often you wash it, it can still appear brand new with the right wash setting.

Achieve Best Outcome

Like we previously stated, sorting out your laundry allows you to cater to their different wash settings. Since you are cleaning them how they are supposed to, you achieve the best possible outcome. Your white polo will stay as white and bright as it was on the first day you wore it.

No Color Mix Frustration

Do I Really Need To Wash Clothes Separately From Different Colors?

Imagine this: your favorite fluffy white blanket turned light pink because you washed it with your red tablecloth. It is a frustrating feeling, right?

Well, you can avoid this by sorting out your dark and light color laundry. You do not need to go through the whole ordeal of trying to make that blanket white again. That is because it won’t turn to a different color in the first place.

Save Money

All the benefits we stated above boils down to this: you can save money. Because sorting out your laundry avoids damage, you do not need to replace your items constantly. Let us be honest: will you really try to make that blanket white again or just buy a new one?

You will most likely buy a new one, and that can be costly. However, putting in extra time in doing your laundry can help you save up.

What Happens If You Don’t Sort Your Laundry?

You are a busy person who is constantly hustling and bustling. We understand that sorting out your laundry just cannot fit your schedule. However, do not panic because there are some things you can do to minimize damage, even without separating your laundry.

  • Put your washing machine in a warm or cold setting. These are the most common settings and can usually cater to all types of clothing.
  • Ensure that you only mix clothes that are not fragile and prone to bleeding. You may also want to consider mixing clothes that you are okay with losing a bit of their quality.
  • Use soaps and detergents that are suitable for all clothing types.

Do I Really Need To Wash Clothes Separately From Different Colors? – Conclusion

Do I Really Need To Wash Clothes Separately From Different Colors?

Separating your dark and light color laundry before putting it in the washing machine is essential. You can avoid damage and save money just by putting in extra time in your laundry.

To help you stay more organized, you can have three to four laundry bins. With that, you can sort out your laundry right after use. We hope this helps, and happy laundry!

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