What Type Of Clothes Needs To Be Dry Clean?

Looking for dry cleaning service? Today, we all are so busy that we don’t have time even to wash our clothes. Indeed the present trend indicated that most single women, men, and even large families now prefer dry cleaning service to do their laundry. This practice is more prevalent in condos and apartments. However, if you do casual washing yourself, we will provide you information on the types of fabrics that you should not hand wash or clean yourself, because professional dry cleaning is important for your delicate fabrics.

What are the benefits of dry cleaning?

* Better Stain Removal-The biggest reason why you should dry clean your clothes is that it has a much superior stain removal process. A dry cleaner who handles laundry has years of experience and knows ways to remove all kinds of stains. Dry cleaning removes grease and oil stains from all types of clothing by using special blend of chemicals to break down tough stains more efficiently, giving your expensive clothing an excellent new like appearance.

* Protects clothing from damage-Another benefit of dry cleaning is the protection it offers to your clothing. Your expensive clothing will last longer as compared to standard home washing machine. The dry cleaning agents do not fade colors and also prevents the weakening of fabric. Fabric remains soft and new for years. Aside from this, there is no shrinkage of clothes.

* Convenience-All those who have busy lives and cannot spare time for washing should choose dry cleaning. All your clothing can be picked up, cleaned, ironed, bagged and dropped off at a convenient time.

Types of fabrics that should be dry cleaned

The most suitable fabric for dry cleaning is silk. If you have expensive night dress, gowns, and has above 60 percent silk content, care should be taken to handle the fiber with care. Although silk gets stronger when it is wet, but then what’s the need to dry clean it? Well, dry cleaning is necessary for silk because natural silk fibers often change their shape and elongate when you wash them in a washing machine or even using your hands.

Dry cleaning process involves the use of bleaching chemicals and hot temperature in a special machine. Professional dry cleaners have years of hands on experience in this process and uses right temperature level and time as this won’t damage the fabric. Another fabric that would need dry cleaning includes delicate dresses made using muslin and cotton voile. These two fabrics tear easily even with a slight pulling, so you should not try to hand wash them, because you may end up with a ripped dress!

Lighter silk fabrics such as silk georgette, chiffon, and crepe chiffon should also be dry cleaned. Aside from this, expensive dresses, coats, high fashion pieces with embroidery, beading, fancy buttons, or with various other expensive embellishments. For these types of designer clothing, tops, gowns, jackets or shirts, there is no other safe way to clean, but a dry clean service.

However, make sure that dry cleaning service you choose is professional and has requisite experience in handling high priced garments and also uses proper chemicals and procedures for cleaning your clothes.