Curtain Cleaning Service For Stage & Theatre

Curtain Cleaning Service For Stage & Theatre – Theatre is always a place for much action. Stage curtains accumulate dust rapidly, given many activities that happen during and before performance. Scene shifting especially contributes to curtain dirtiness since it implies moving a lot of inventory from one place to another.

It may be dusty but it may also have a specific storage smell that can pass on to the curtains. This is why, cleaning the stage curtains are always a must and you have to do it on routine basis.

If you look for theatre drape cleaning service, we are more than happy to help you. We are a professional drape cleaning service that prides itself on high quality, reliability fast delivery, and price affordability. We ensure you will not regret from having chosen us, just as many other customers do. Here is what benefits you enjoy from picking us.

1. Dry cleaning

Curtain Cleaning Service For Stage & Theatre

Our curtain cleaning service provides dry cleaning to fabrics that can’t tolerate machine washing. If you have linen, cotton or silk drapes, you better choose dry cleaning. For one, natural fabrics are more sensitive to hot water, detergents and rubbing that happen during machine washing. 

Dry cleaning uses solvents that contain little water, but do a great job of removing dust and stains. It also doesn’t involve rubbing which may brittle and fade the drape fabric.

The second reason natural materials prefer dry cleaning is because it preserves the flame retardant on them. It is mandatory to treat theatre curtains with flame retardant, which is an agent that impedes fire from expanding.

Water washes this agent away from the fabric, leaving it with no protection against fire. This will not happen with dry cleaning, as it uses little water that isn’t enough to remove the flame retardant. That’s why we recommend you to choose this type of cleaning.

2. Same-day response

Curtain Cleaning Service For Stage & Theatre

We commit to head down to your place whenever it feels comfortable for you. We are ready to come even in the same day you call us so that we don’t interrupt the theatre schedule. We always visit the customer to pick up the curtains and we also bring them back.

We respect your time, so you don’t have to waste it on dismantling the stage drapes. They are much bigger than window curtains so you better let us do this task. We can also clean your curtains in fastest time possible if you need it to avoid any delay of the performance.

3. Trained cleaning staff

When you hire us, expect a team of skilled and dedicated technicians to clean your curtains. We ensure you that the staff have undergone proper training and are versed in the best practices of drape cleaning. You don’t have to worry about getting stained, brittle, torn or wrinkly curtains back.

Just leave it to us and we will provide a final result beyond expectation. Our employees are friendly and treat any your suggestion respectfully. They work hard with endless dedication to leave you satisfied.

4, Safe and powerful products

Curtain Cleaning Service For Stage & Theatre

Skilled staff is not enough to provide a spotless cleaning. That’s why we use only highest-quality products that leave dirt and bacteria no chance to survive. We have special cleaning agents for any type of fabric. We never apply a solvent for durable fabrics on delicate drapes.

Thus, you don’t have to worry that the product will cause their brittling or fading. Above all, our products are safe for health. They don’t contain allergens or ingredients that cause sharp odors. Which is especially important for theatres, whose auditoriums are full of people during a performance. We care for the health of each of the hundreds of people who attend a perfomance.

Curtain Cleaning Service For Stage & Theatre – Conclusion

In the bottom line, we would like to say that you will never regret from having chosen us. We do our best to provide you with the highest-quality theatre curtain cleaning. By choosing us, you benefit from skilled staff, who work with dedication to meet the highest standards of cleanliness.

You enjoy also powerful and safe products that preserve the quality of fabric and don’t contain allergens. We are always happy to come to your place in the same day of your call and pick up the drapes. In this way, we make sure that stage drapes are clean and shining before any performance.

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