Benefits Of Dry Cleaning Curtains

Dry Cleaning Services for Curtains

Thinking of using dry cleaning service for your curtain? Curtains can beautify any household effortlessly; however, they can prove to be an eyesore just as easily when dirty. While they are mainly designed to improve a home’s aesthetics and offer their owners privacy, curtains also serve to obstruct sunlight from entering through the windows. Constant exposures to the elements leave these drapes vulnerable to sun-rotting and dust-collection. Unfortunately, nothing much can be done for those that have been damaged by sunlight—the most practical solution is to buy new drapes. Curtains that merely need a good cleaning, on the other hand, can find salvation in the hands of dry cleaning service.
In this day and age, where people are constantly busy juggling a personal and professional life, many seek convenience when it comes to carrying out their domestic responsibilities. Thus, they engage the services of dry cleaners who can do the dirty job for them. All that is required of them, upon engaging such services, is to remove the curtains from where they are hung. They can then dump the drapes into a carrier for delivery. If that seems too much of a chore, some dry cleaning companies even offer curtain removal and delivery services. An assigned specialist can uninstall the drapes and remove the curtain hooks, all in the name of a hassle-free experience for the client. Upon successful transportation of the items to the shop, a quotation will be churned out. The cost of dry cleaning is usually based on the measurement and weight of the curtains. 

Engaging the services of a professional dry cleaning company comes highly recommended, especially when dealing with lined curtains. For those uncertain about the kind of curtain they own, simply check the label on the back of the material. Lined curtains are marked “dry-clean only”, which means that they are easily wrecked out of shape if washed using the average washing machine at home. Delicate care is required to clean not only the curtain fabric, but also the lining. Another reason why self-cleaning is not advisable is because different curtains are made from different fabrics. Putting that into consideration, introducing the wrong chemicals when cleaning can ruin the drape material.

Dry cleaning service providers are equipped with the necessary skills, chemicals and machinery to prevent these potential mishaps from taking place. They are able to eliminate mould, undesirable odours and the toughest of stains caused by moisture. This is typically done using a modern dry-cleaning machine which acts like a combination of clothes dryer and washing machine. The dry cleaning company also uses a solvent—other than water—called perchloroethylene, which is more popularly known as perc within the chemical industry. Perc is gentle on garments and has the ability to clean delicate fabrics that cannot withstand the rough operations of a washing machine.

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