Why The Doctor’s Laundry Is The Best

In case you’re searching for laundry service which meets the needs of your facility, then The Doctor’s Laundry is the best for you as it offers custom tailored programs which can meet the demand of your hospital facilities. 

They’ve got a friendly staff is ready to answer any of your questions that you may have concerning their services.
Their facilities are located in a convenient place with all the laundry done on their premises. All the clothes of the customers are a lot washed so that they do get mixed up. The laundered clothes are wrapped in plastic so that they meet the best medical standards and to assure you that the line is not contaminated from the time that it delivered from their facility to your premises.

Dry cleaning services are no less than any service with regard to quality and efficacy at The DR Laundry. This Laundry in Singapore provides the best cleaning services to the people. The toughest stains and blots are removed easily in this laundry.

Hygiene and cleanliness are of the utmost importance at this laundry The Doctor’s Laundry are fully devoted to providing the best dry cleaning and laundry services. It provides quality services at affordable prices so that people do not get to burn a hole in their pockets. Laundry takes great care for the upkeep of the dresses of the people. In this laundry, all sorts of dresses whether woolen or cotton are properly cleaned. Even women dress materials such as sarees, salwar suits etc are properly cleaned in the laundry. It makes sure the punctuality and the promptness of pickup and delivery service.

Singapore is famous for luxury shopping, swanky hotels, and nightlife scene. People from all over the world come here to stay in this city. Tourists often stay in the swanky hotels of this city. Hotel Dry Cleaning Service is one of the best services provided by hotels here. The tourists who stay in the hotels need to avail this service in order to stay away from dirt and filth. This service is provided at a genuine price and so tourists can easily avail this service. They effectively eliminate stains and dirt from textiles and clothes.

The Doctor’s Laundry is praised to the skies for dry cleaning services. This laundry does exemplary cleaning services for the people living in Singapore. Great care is taken by workers working in a laundry. They spare no pains in giving shine and brilliance to the dress materials. There are many workers, who work in factories wearing a certain uniform. These uniforms often get stained with oils and grease. 

For such type of dresses, there are Uniforms Dry Cleaners. As the name indicates, they are meant for washing of uniforms of workers as well as other people. In addition to this, there is also a Spa Dry Cleaner. It is full-service fabric care and cleaning business that provide services to both commercial and residential markets. It is specialized in cleaning hand towels and tea towels. This dry cleaner fully dissolves the hardest oils and grease stains.

The best part about using The Dr Laundry is that it’s inexpensive. The word may sound fancy, but since the facility is for commercial use, the cost is such that it can easily be afforded by all. So don’t feel that you would have to spend lots of money to get your clothes washed. The machines at The Doctor’s Laundry are normally huge and can carry as large as 8 loads in one time. So even if you have a month’s laundry, it will not cost you exorbitantly. Similarly, it might seem like you have to be very proficient with technology to use such a facility, but that is not the case.

Cost Effective If you think that getting a washer and dryer is more cost effective, then you are wrong. As seen above by getting The Doctor’s Laundry services it means that you no longer have to spend money on detergents, fabric softeners, bleach, disinfectants etc. Likewise, the electricity bill is also reduced. Time! Time, of course, is the major thing you save when you use laundry services. The time that you save could be spent on yourself in a million ways and you can relax as well as enjoy some hard-earned free time.

Removal of tough stains

With advanced technologies available at The Doctor’s Laundry in Singapore, the dry cleaning service is very affordable compared to other service providers. These technologies have also made dry cleaning safer for your clothes. In case of tough stains, it is always better to inform the cleaner about these stains because additional treatment may be required for removing those tough stains. The tough stain removing facility helps greatly in saving expensive clothes that may become of no use because of a small spot. Dry cleaning of leather clothes is also made available by these dry cleaners and other apparels. 

Emergency services

The Doctor’s Laundry also offers 24/7 services to all their clients. Therefore, if you have a laundry emergency, you can call them at any time of the day and they’ll have your line processed within the shortest time. Their offices are usually open daily from 8.am to 5.pm, but they have experts in place who can make necessary arrangements to pick-up your line and get it processed.
We’re the best service providers that you can get in Singapore if you wish to have your clothes are cleaned. Try calling us today so that you can get to know about our laundry and dry cleaning services, so many people have contacted us and they have lived to enjoy our extemporary services.