Why Hire Us As Your Office Dry Cleaning Company?

All the nations in the world are busy bending backwards to catch up with revolution and Singapore is no exception. With the busy world that we live in right now, doing laundry is not at the top of anyone’s list. With this, a reliable laundromat is what is most needed to cater for this need. In this case, you need not worry about your dirty clothes back at home. On this pressing matter, Mrs Laundry has been established to bridge this gap by meeting all of your laundry and dry cleaning needs. This is an establishment of a group of professionals; employee and employer, that have come together to make cleaning laundry a non issue to all. There are certain qualities that make Mrs Laundry a viable solution for everyone that has laundry needs.

1. Impeccable Cleaning
The most important issue that everyone wants settled when they take their clothes in for dry cleaning is removal of all dirt and stains. You want that stubborn stain on your favorite garment gone by the time you pick it up. Mrs Laundry offers impeccable cleaning. You can rest assured that your garment will be as clean as you need it to be. Their high technological machines and vast knowledge in laundry and dry cleaning sees to it that this basic need is met. Before putting the garments in the washing machines, the stains are evaluated individually and sorted. This is because each stain has its own specific technique of removal. 

2. Affordable Prices

Laundry isn’t part of an investment and you should not be made to feel like it is. Laundry, dry cleaning, carpet and curtain cleaning are frequent activities and Mrs Laundry have really affordable prices to facilitate it. These prices are tailored to ensure that you meet this need without literally having to drill a hole in your pockets. For clothes, you have the freedom to choose between laundry and dry cleaning with laundry being the cheaper option. This allows you to go for the cheaper option for light clothes that are stains. Dry cleaning will only be needed for special occasions and on rarely worn clothes for instance coats. This way, you can have your cleaning done any time without worrying about money.

3. Great Customer Service

Even for a small service such as dry cleaning, customers needs to be treated with utmost respect and appreciation. The customer care at Mrs Laundry is great regardless of the kind of services that you needs. You might be just dropping by for enquiries yet they will give you full attention. They treat their customers with total professionalism from the moment they walk in right to when they walk out. This of course makes one feel special and appreciated and might be just what keeps enlarging the number of customers.

4. Absolute Convenience

A big percentage of the Singapore’s population works unusual hours and this might be highly inconveniencing in terms of availability especially if you have laundry that needs to be done. This laundry cleaning service provider bridges that gap by going an extra mile to pick up and drop off your laundry at your convenience. All you have to do is give them the address and consider it done. This sort of convenience allows you to live your life and focus at work while still getting home matters handled. 

5. Professionalism When Handling Your Laundry

One of the biggest worries for everyone is whether their clothes, carpet or curtains are going to be handled well and get back to them in perfect condition. Mrs Laundry specializes in this kind of service hence knows all there is to know about handling laundry. They know what to do and what not to do when handling different types of client’s laundry. From the customer’s feedback, there hasn’t been any sign of disappointment in relation to this.

6. Time Keeping

If a service provider says that your laundry will be ready in a day then it needs to be ready by then. Singapore is a busy country and people have a lot on their to do list. Picking up laundry is a part of the list hence it is disappointing heading out to get it only to find it hasn’t been done yet. Mrs Laundry has a reputation of keeping time. Your laundry is ready for pick up at the time they say it will be. This quality adds on to their professionalism and convenience points. 

7. Variety

This laundry station covers all your laundry needs all round. You can drop off your dirty clothes, carpet and even curtains for cleaning. This is done perfectly and the best thing is that all the stains are gotten rid of completely. However they advise that you take in your stained garment sooner after attachment to guarantee spotless cleaning. You can also take in your clothes regardless of the fabric or use.

Singapore is a humid country and the weather can at times be unpredictable. During the hot and dusty season, it is advisable to clean your curtains and carpet regularly. They trap in the dirt which is harmful to your health especially if the trapped dust is inhaled. The risks are higher when its a child’s room. The prices for carpet and curtain cleaning are quite affordable hence promoting this healthy practice. 

8. Latest Technological Merchandise

You can tell the level of professionalism of a dry cleaner just by taking a look at their equipment. The sight at Mrs Laundry is impressive thanks to the high tech and latest laundry machines. Imagining that your laundry will be handled with such supremacy is impressive and satisfying. Come to think of it, this might be the reason behind those spotless clean clothes. 

In addition to laundry, dry cleaning, carpet cleaning and carpet cleaning, Mrs Laundry offers extra services such as laundry ironing and part time maid. The laundry ironing services means that the busy people can simply pick up their laundry and wear it for work the next day. The part time maid service gives you the freedom to have other business at home handled too besides your laundry. This service just like the others is affordable too.