What Is The Right Way To Keep My Winter Clothings?

What Is The Right Way To Keep My Winter Clothings? When you are not wearing your winter clothes during the winter, they should be stored in a dry place. If they are just hanging in your closet, then that is okay if you have already cleaned them before storing them because when there is dust in the air, it will settle on your clothes which can clog the fibers of the clothes hence making them less durable and prone to being worn out soon.

When you have folded your winter clothing, put each type in one plastic bag to not mix with other types of clothing. You should also remember to clean any dirt or stains on your clothing before storage; else, it would be stained again when you take them out for next season’s use.

If you do not have any plastic bags, you can also use newspapers to wrap your winter clothes. It will keep the clothes intact while protecting them from dirt and other elements that could damage them while they are stored away.

Read on – What Is The Right Way To Keep My Winter Clothings?

Washing Method

What Is The Right Way To Keep My Winter Clothings?

When winter comes around again next year, remove your clothes from storage, so you get to wear them again. During this time, have a checklist on what you need to do so you would know the right washing method for each clothing type because if not washed correctly, it could result in damages or color fading.

And because of this, people tend to think that their clothing was only worn during winter but did not realize that these expensive pieces of cloth have been damaged due to ignorance. So remember, when taking out your winter clothing items, make sure you check them all before wearing them.

If there are stains on your clothes, they should be washed this time of year so you can wear them again by the next winter season. If ever there is none and they still look good as new, then just hang them to dry outside in a well-ventilated area.

Drying Winter Clothing

When drying your winter clothing, use a well-ventilated area, for this would allow airing to circulate which will result in a faster drying time.

And because of this, having a laundry rack near windows or doors that have enough space between the windowpane and the screen would be ideal since it would give proper ventilation but not too much to let dirt from outside seep in. Plus, if placed near an air conditioning unit, it would be fine too.

During winter, use a detergent that is mild so it won’t damage your clothes while washing and drying them. Afterward, just let it air dry for some time before hanging them in your closet or dresser to store away.

For the clothing items that need ironing after washing and drying, place each on an old sheet and cover with another sheet then set your iron at medium heat, and do not forget to put water on the steam tray for this will help you achieve better results when ironing.

What are some of the best places to store winter clothes?

Some great places to keep your winter clothing items are in a storage unit or even in boxes, but make sure you place them on higher shelves of closets because these heavy pieces of clothing could cause damage if placed too low.

And also, when putting them inside plastic containers, they should be stacked one on top of the other rather than placing them side by side, for this would result in easily folded corners which can create creases.

How should I store my winter clothing to protect them from dust and mold?

To protect your clothing from dust and mold, all you have to do is to put each clothing type in individual plastic bags so they won’t mix with other clothing types. This will also prevent rust from forming on the metal buttons and clasps of your clothes which could cause them to break or fail.

What are some ways for storing my winter clothing?

What Is The Right Way To Keep My Winter Clothings?

There are a lot of great ways for you to store winter clothing but just remember that you should keep them separate from other clothes since these items need different storage methods. For instance, you wouldn’t want your woolen coat mixed with linen shirts, right?

Not only would this be unhygienic, but the smell of natural fabrics like cotton and linen might get absorbed by the wool coat, resulting in coziness.

What types of stains require pre-treating before washing?

What Is The Right Way To Keep My Winter Clothings?

For stains that could be caused by mud, blood, ink, grass, etc., it is best that you pre-treat them first before washing so the stain would be taken out easily once on the delicate cycle with cold water.

But for major stains like grease or oil, it would be best to put them on the dry-cleaning cycle which will make sure that the stain is completely gone upon completion of washing.

How should you store heavy winter clothes?

What Is The Right Way To Keep My Winter Clothings?

When storing heavy winter clothing, they should be stored in boxes and not plastic containers because these could cause creases once piled one on top of the other.

Plus, try to avoid folding your clothes as well – especially jeans and trousers – since this can create creases that cannot go away once taken out from storage. In addition, if you have wooden hangers with clips on them, use those since they won’t leave any marks on your clothing made from fabric which could lead to tearing.

How should you care for your leather coats during wintertime?

Leather coats are a great investment and can last a very long time if taken care of properly. When storing a leather coat, make sure that it is cleaned first before placing it in storage.

Then place them in a dark area where air circulation is present because this will ensure the material does not dry up and crack, which could result in torn clothing. For dusting purposes, whisk brooms or feather dusters can be used but make sure they are lint-free to prevent leaving behind debris on your garment.

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