What Are The Differences Between Laundry & Dry Cleaning?

There are two main types of laundry services in Singapore. They are traditional laundry and dry cleaning services. In this article, you will learn the difference between laundry and dry cleaning method. People usually choose one method based on their needs, preferences, and purposes. Both methods have their own advantages, disadvantages, and purposes. Make sure that you know the differences between those methods before choosing one of them. This is very important in order to avoid any problems in the future.

1. Dry Cleaning

A good dry cleaning process usually uses a solvent in order to clean your garments. This method is called as “dry” because it does not involve any water during the treatment. Most laundry companies commonly use chemical substance called as perchloroethylene or PERC in order to remove stains or greases from your clothing. 

Some companies also use eco-friendly cleaning products, including the organic compounds and carbon dioxide, during this treatment. After the process, all solvents are going to be removed, filtered, and also recycled for the future uses. The clothes are dried in the special dry cleaning machine. In order to straighten all clothes, people usually use steaming or ironing method. At the last step, all clothes are going to be folded and delivered to the customers.

There are many benefits of using this dry cleaning method. This method is very effective to remove any kinds of oil or grease stains from any garments. Some people believe that this method is better than the traditional laundry service. It reduces the possibility of material distortion and shrinkage. Dry cleaning can also minimize the decolorization process on any clothes. This method can protect the condition of any materials. Because of that reason, people usually choose dry cleaning method to protect their favorite clothes.

2. Laundry

The traditional laundry method usually involves the immersing process of any clothes in the water. People usually add some other cleaning agents, including detergent, softener, and soap, in order to clean the clothes effectively. The clothes are usually tumbled in a washing machine. Detergent is usually used to remove any dirt particles from your clothes. After this process is done, all clothes are going to be dried in the dryer. At the last step, all clothes are taken for steaming and pressing in order to soften the fabrics.

There are some benefits of choosing this method. Most people usually choose this method because it is cheaper than the dry cleaning method. This method is also safer than the dry cleaning because it does not involve any dangerous chemicals. This method is also a perfect option for people who are interested in the energy efficiency. The energy consumption of this traditional laundry method is much lower than the dry cleaning method.

Those are some differences between dry cleaning and laundry method. It is very important to choose the best method based on your needs, preferences, and budgets. Most people usually use dry cleaning when they want to clean their expensive and favorite clothes because the traditional laundry method may cause damages on their expensive clothes. If you want to find the best laundry company in Singapore, you should visit https://www.mrslaundry.com.sg. Mrs Laundry is the most popular laundry company in this country that is ready to help you clean your clothes effectively.

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