Tips To Know When Sending Your Clothes For Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning is a way for any clothing or any textile which uses chemicals and solvent aside from just using water. This is made if you want to clean your clothes or fabric that has been degraded in water and other fabrics that cannot stand and tumble of getting them washed using a washing machine. Doing dry cleaning can get rid of some labor-intensive hand washing.

Process for Dry Cleaning

Basically, it is like a regular washing machine and clothes drier combined. Fabrics are put into the washing for extraction of dirt and stains. Washing chamber is consist of a horizontal and a container drum that rotates on the outer shell of the machine. Each machine can accommodate 10 – 40kg.

On the process of washing your clothes, the machine is filled with at least one-third of solvent then it starts rotating. The temperature is maintained in 30 degrees Celsius and may damage the fabric if it goes higher. Also, on the cycle process is passed through filtration and then goes back to the cage and this continues during the cycling process.

After that, the solvent used will then be sent to a distilled unit which has a boiler and a condenser. It will then go to a unit which act as a separator in which the process of separating the water from the chemical used and then sent into the clean solvent tank.

The ideal of solutions doing your laundry is approximately 8 liters washing soap per kilogram of clothes per minute (still depends on how large is the machine used.) Once the machine is done, it will then start the rinsing cycle. When the rinsing cycle is done, the drying cycle will then occur wherein your laundry will be in a tank with warm air that will continuously for your laundry to get dried up.

Once all your clothes are dried up, next will be the deodorizing stage wherein it cools off your laundry.

Things to Remember Before Dry Cleaning

· Check your garments for any plastic pens and other similar object that can be dissolved in the solvent bath.
· Check for any fragile items like tasseled rugs or some feather bedspreads
· Not all stains can be removed by dry cleaning
· One wash cycle normally last for 8-15 minutes but will still depend on the type of clothes and the stains.

Why is Dry Cleaning Very Popular in Singapore?

As what is stated above, dry cleaning is obviously is the easiest way to do your laundry. Its not time consuming and effortless way to clean your dirty laundry. This is mainly one of the reasons as to why dry cleaning is very popular in Singapore. This is because people in Singapore have a fast-paced lifestyle and thus they do not have more time to do some domestic chores like doing the laundry.

Traditional cleaning of your laundry has actually an effect with regards to the longevity of your clothes that are sometimes made from a very delicate material that is why getting your laundry dry cleaned is a better choice and also it will give the benefit to save you more of your time. Just think about this, when you wash your clothes, you have to do a lot of things like soaking them on soaps, scrubbing each clothes one-by-one and then having them rinsed and dried up. After drying your clothes, of course, you still need to iron each of them. But by doing dry cleaning, you do not need to this especially if you are a busy person.

More likely with the people in Singapore, they all live in a fast-paced cycle, that is why many people decided to put up a dry-cleaning shop. The benefit of this is that you do not need to spend more time for your laundry. There are currently a lot of companies that have highly advanced method in doing your laundry if you are in Singapore.

How Does Dry Cleaning Services Works in Singapore?

· Clothes are sorted according to the fabrics color

· They do pretreatment to know that the solvent works and it’s not just the water removes the stain.

· They went to the dry cleaning shop or they can have their laundry be picked up by the dry cleaning company and then have it delivered at your door – step also.

Some Benefits of Dry Cleaning in Singapore

Having dry cleaning in Singapore is really important to all residences because It will surely help them to prevent discoloration of their clothes. Also, it can help them to remove stains that cannot remove just by regular hand washing. For the people in Singapore, having their laundry dry cleaned will also help their clothes to last longer or can be maintained for a long period of time. Dry cleaning shops in Singapore make sure that they are able to provide delivery services for all their customers and the price is friendly as well. Here are other benefits of dry cleaning in Singapore.

· Stain Removal – all stains that cannot be removed by hand washing will be removed through this.
· Protection – your favorite clothes that have a very delicate fabric will be taken cared off and protect it from ruining it.
· Home delivery – All your cleaned clothes from the dry-cleaning company will be delivered to your doorstep
· Natural Fibers – cleaning this type of fiber is not safe because there is a tendency that it might be breaked

Dry cleaning does really play an important role in every people’s life in Singapore since they do not have that much time to do everything else. Going to the dry-cleaning shop will be the best option that they can do for them to get the job done and also for people to save more effort in doing their laundry. It is a great way as well to remove those stains that is hard to remove.