The Importance Of Proper Wedding Dress Treatment

After the joy of the celebration and the hope or promise of happiness, your wedding dress can also stand test of time, testifying the strength of your love. It can also just be the memory you want to hold on however the marriage turns out. Just like every other expensive and important asset, you wedding dress should be carefully treated to get the most from it as possible. Most wedding dresses catch a few stains during the buzz of the big day. Dirt on the hemline from the dance floor, flower and grass stains from an outdoor photo session and oil from body sweat are some of the things that stain a wedding dress. Overtime, these stains turn into nasty colors and become stubborn to get rid of. Proper and prompt treatment will ensure your wedding dress stays fresh and new to be worn by others, to be sold or donated.

• Proper treatment removes contaminants and spills
This happens by carefully cleaning the wedding dress before you store it. Some spills and contaminating stains might not show immediately but with time they worsen, discolouring the dress and weakening the strength of the fabric forever. Professional assistance in Singapore will help you choose the right chemicals and cleaning solutions that will work way for your wedding dress’s fabric. Proper treatment that does not use harsh chemicals or detergents will prolong the life of your precious dress.

A major point of weakness where the fabric may break and cause holes is where champagne spills happened, under arms and around the corseted bodice. With proper treatment small worn areas can still be patched up with fabrics and threads that march the original designs, without deforming the dress.

• Treatments preserve it even in storage

Treatment does not end in cleaning but proceeds in storage too. You may hang your wedding dress on a mannequin with sturdy shoulders or on a hanger in a cleaned and undyed dress bag. Plastic dust covers do not allow for aeration and this will chemically upset the fabrics of your dress. Acid free storage boxes can also keep your dress in good shape. The right treatment will ensure the dress does not develop weak points from creases or corners. A regular check of the wedding dress after every six months will be necessary, as you may find out you need to change the treatment.

• Treatment strengthens the fabric

Your wedding dress should be enveloped in a layer of perfect conditions and packaging materials to preserve the integrity of the fabric. With the perfect treatment and preservation techniques even the most delicate of fabrics can last to hundreds of years. That will be a great story of the family history many years to come

Why is it so important for you to preserve your wedding dress through proper treatment?

• For posterity

Your loved ones like daughters, nieces or granddaughters may want to walk down the aisle in the same garment you walked in. This is especially so for the timeless wedding dress designs that remain classy even as the years go by. You most likely invested a fortune in this dress and for that reason your beloved daughter can also use it on her special day. It is not only about the money, it is about establishing a strong family bond and tradition. You get to relive your memories in your daughter or niece. It is perhaps the biggest present you can give her, one she will never forget. The saying like mother like daughter may be proved true in your family when her tastes on the big day are exactly like yours.

• You may want to sell it

Proper treatment of the wedding dress ensures it stays in a good condition in case you choose to sell it one day. Cleaning the dress with proper cleaning technology preserving it with treatment may help you sell it for even more than the purchase price.

• You may decide to donate it 

If you have a plan to give towards a good  wedding dresses someday, then it calls for you to properly clean it and preserve it. Your dress could bring someone else happiness and joy, for a greater cause like environmental conservation or famine eradication in other parts of the world.

• Your wedding dress is the embodiment of your love story

It is a source of good memories, emotion, and nostalgia. Properly treating it will preserve it in good condition so that you see it every day. You can even decide to redesign it and transforming into lingerie for every anniversary night. This is such an excellent way to relive the night of the wedding with your spouse. It all starts from proper treatment and preservation.

• Your wedding dress can be used as a christening gown

Proper treatment will preserve the life of the wedding dress, this way it can be used in another happy occasion. There are many designers in Singapore who specialize in converting wedding dress to baptismal dresses. 

• You can always find a reason to wear it again

You can host a bridal themed cocktail party and have all your friends come out in their wedding dress. This is a nice way for married friends to relive their special days. Proper treatment will ensure the dress remains as beautiful as it was on the big day when you take it out again.

• You can transform it into bags or pillows

With good treatment and preservation, you can finally transform the wedding dress into something else. Dress are made of lace, satin & tulle can made into evening bags, pillows, or quilts. This adds a lovely and meaningful touch to your life.

There is a lot of research and financial investment that gods into a wedding dress; but do you want all that to be only about the special day? With a proper wedding dress treatment, make your day a special date when you see it or live to see your posterity adorned in it.

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