Mrs Laundry Services – Commercial Laundry Services of Quality

Mrs. Laundry is very useful to make life easy, laundering bed linen, tablecloths and other clothes with minimum effort. Mrs Laundry is found in hotels, prisons, hospitals, universities and other such establishments to help in laundering uniforms, towels and other linen. To get maximum performance from Mrs Laundry in Singapore we require a full range of machines that are heavy duty and can do a lot of washing. Besides these light commercial machines, tumble dryers and ironers are also required. In hotels, hospitals and other establishments on the spot equipment and design are used to set up laundries on the premises.

Best Laundry equipment

The company is very prompt and proactive in its response to its customers. The company provides equipment that is unmatched in its performance and efficiency.The front loading washing machine with 600 controls has brought down the utility cost and maximized the profit besides providing the best customer service. The wash tub is bigger than all the previous models with better energy and water management. This new machine operates quietly with less vibration. The clothes get drier compared to other machines. This machine is built to withstand the harsh environment and get the clothes dry in a lesser time.

Mrs Laundry Services Singapore

Mrs Laundry services Singapore are known to provide very good laundry and dry cleaning services for all types of linen. Whether it is hotel linen, spa linen or restaurant uniforms all linen is attended to by the laundry services which do a thorough job. Even guests at hotels can avail of the laundry services so they do not have to travel with additional clothes. Many times customers are provided with brand new linen to help them with their linen shortage and avoid problems.

All Government offices and Aviation sectors avail of the laundry services for their linen and their uniforms. These laundries provide unmatched services in providing well-laundered clothes. All police uniforms, army camps, laboratories and construction sites use the laundry services to get their uniforms laundered to good standards.

Benefits of hiring Mrs Laundry in Singapore

Mrs Laundry Services is unique in the way they launder clothes. The commercial washing machines are capable of washing all types of fabrics. Any types of stains can be removed by these machines. Prior to laundering the clothes are treated for stains. Then spot treatment is done which includes the use of certain chemicals and equipment to remove the rest of the stains. The clothes laundered by these laundries have been given special quality treatment to enhance the reputation of the hotel to which they are attached.

The laundry services pick and deliver the clothes at the specified time. The clothes that are picked up by the hotel guests are steamed and ironed before they are pressed and folded and delivered to the customers. Some of these laundry establishments are also located outside the hotels providing the same service. People on holiday or on business trips to Singapore like to avail of these services and prefer carrying a small carry bag with few clothes and avail of the laundry services which are excellent.

How Mrs Laundry Services Tend to Meet Your Needs

Businesses such as hotels, restaurants, boutiques tend to have large amounts of laundry. Even normal civilians can have loads of laundry that tend to get very large, or have garments that have special cleaning instructions that can’t just be cleaned at home. In these cases, a commercial laundry Singapore service can take care of your laundry needs. A commercial laundry service will launder your clothing, linen, and upholstery, most of the time for a reasonable price. They offer dry cleaning as well. Many laundry services also have delivery services for people who do not have the time to travel and pick up the laundry. These services are especially useful for hotel and motel owners who are bound to have large amounts of linen to launder, but not the means to do so.

Mrs Laundry cover all areas of Singapore, and can launder anything from work uniforms to hotel towels to tablecloths from restaurants. For restaurants, all tablecloths, chef’s wear, cloth napkins and the like can be sent to a professional laundry service to be laundered. Hygiene is important in a restaurant environment, so having chef’s uniforms cleaned in a sanitary and timely manner will ensure a hygienic environment.

For larger restaurants, this service will be especially useful since a high volume of laundry tends to build up from week to week. A laundry service will be able to have the loads finished promptly in order to have them ready for a next day’s service. For hotels, Mrs Laundry will cover any type of linen, bedding, towels, and whatever type of laundry that needs to be cleaned. Since guests will be coming in and out of a hotel, having clean linen is crucial to having sanitary conditions for guests. Send the linen to a laundry service and they will be cleaned in a timely manner, and it can be assured that the linen will look new.

Mrs Laundry also uses states of the art equipment, such as industrial size washing machines and high-quality ironing equipment. These machines will keep your linen, clothing and other washables safe and in pristine condition .There will be no need to worry about fading colors or possible diminished quality with these machines. Laundry services also take care to pay close attention to fabric types and the washing requirements for each garment. You can be assured that your finest silk pillowcases will be washed with utmost care. That goes for fragile garments as well.

In addition, Businesses can arrange for their laundry to be delivered after hours so it can be prepared for the next business day. Whatever the field of work, it can be guaranteed that your laundry needs will be met. Just contact a Mrs Laundry in Singapore today to your laundry cleaned in top quality machines, resulting in the garments and linen coming out like new.