Is Laundry Service Cost in Singapore Affordable

In this day and era, we are too busy to even think about doing laundry. We only get to pause on it when someone else comments or when we need to wear something urgently but there is nothing clean. Panic mode sets in and the first thing we do is go on Google Search. If you reside in Singapore then you will first search for laundry services in the country. Then after a bit of scrolling through the search results, you will filter the results to rank by cost. 

The misconception among many people is that laundry services, especially in Singapore, are supposed to be of low cost. Cheap is obviously expensive in the long run but there are some great laundry service providers that offer great discounts without compromising on quality. 

Here are some advantages to outsourcing cost effective laundry services in Singapore: 

o They offer a discount percentage off the first order.
o There are discounts if a client self-collects the laundry.
o They will clean all kinds of laundry.
o Payment methods are hustle free.
o The services can be enjoyed from the comfort of an app.
o Many service providers do not have registration fees.
o Delivery is done at the client’s convenience and some do it for free.
o A client gets to enjoy great customer service.

Other perks offered by cost-effective laundry service providers in Singapore include the ability of a client to receive real-time status of the progress and a program that pays the client to refer to other customers. 

The best places to get cost-effective laundry services in Singapore are:

o Hotels.
o Singapore laundry service agencies.

Compared to the laundry agencies hotels tend to be more expensive. The best move is to outsource laundry services from an agency. That way you get to enjoy the previously mentioned advantages. Another problem with hotels is that they only provide laundry services to their guests. Unless you are booked at the hotel, you cannot enjoy the laundry services. 

On the other hand, a client can remotely access laundry services in Singapore from an agency. This means that you do not need to be physically present to enjoy cost-effective laundry services in Singapore. In most cases, all one needs is a smartphone application and they can access these services. 

Apart from being accessible to everyone laundry services in Singapore are more suited to:

o Busy professionals.
o People with disability.

The cost of laundry services in Singapore is usually divided into three categories:

o Male clothing.
o Female clothing.
o Other types of clothing.

Male clothing

Each type of clothing is referred to as an article and there are separate prices for dry cleaning and laundry services. Two pieces of suits will cost $8 and $12 for dry cleaning. A coat comes to $6 and $8 to dry clean. A pair of trousers or slacks will cost $4 and $6 to dry clean. 

A shirt will cost $4 and $6 to dry clean. A vest or shirt will also cost $4 to laundry and $5 to dry clean. A sweater or cardigan will cost $8 to laundry and $10 to dry clean. A tie, windbreaker, overcoat will cost $5, $22, $22 respectively to dry clean. A shirt or trouser will cost $3 to iron. 

Female clothing 

The cost of laundry services for the ladies in Singapore costs as about the same as the clothes for men. Two pieces of lady suites will cost $8 and $12 to dry clean. A jacket will cost $8 and $10 to dry clean. A pair of jeans or pants will cost $4 and $6 to dry clean. A blouse or a body suite will come to $4 and $6 to dry clean. A female vest will cost $4 and $5 to dry clean and a skirt will cost $4 to launder and $6 to dry clean. 

A dress will cost $8 and $12 to dry clean. An evening dress and a Cheongsam will cost $15 and $16 respectively to dry clean. The cost of dry cleaning a wedding gown ranges from $150 to $200. An Indian saree, a Punjabi suit and a baju kurong cost the $16 each to dry clean. A muffler, shawl or scarf costs $8 to dry clean. 

Other types of clothing

A bedsheet will cost anywhere between $5 – $13 to launder and $12 – $16 to dry clean. A pillow or bolster case will cost $2 to launder and $3 to dry clean. A blanket, comforter or bedspread will cost $12 to launder and $15 to dry clean. A mattress protector will cost $8 to launder and $10 to dry clean. 

A quilt cover costs between $6 -$7 – $8 to launder and between $12 and $13 – $14 to dry clean. One kilogram of towel costs $6 to launder while a cushion cover costs $4. A piece of day curtain costs between $8 – $25 and $10 to launder – $30 to dry clean while a kilogram of night curtain costs $9 to launder and $10 to dry clean. If you need your curtains to be steam cleaned then that will cost $35 and above for both laundering and dry cleaning. 

In conclusion

Laundry services in Singapore are more cost-effective as compared to other places. The prices are affordable in regards to the quality of the laundry services being provided.

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