How To Clean Mouldy Leather Jacket?

Mold is known to thrive in humid, moist and damp environments. When it grows on leather items for instance a leather jacket then it eats away at it and ruins it completely leaving it damaged and it can no longer be worn again. Leather should not be washed and neither should it come into contact with excess liquids such as water and cleaning agents. Being a natural and expensive material it needs consistent and thorough care since once it is ruined then you can’t mend or fix it. You will simply have to buy a new one. The only way out is to maintain it well and keep it cleaned.

To clean a moldy leather jacket you need to have a respirator, eye protection and rubber gloves. Other required items are a bucket, water, rubbing alcohol, a fan, mild soap, some leather conditioner and a piece of cloth. Mold allergies are not uncommon and these help to protect you and to prevent allergic reactions. The gloves are used to prevent skin irritation from the cleaner and rubbing alcohol. Below are the necessary steps and directions to be followed in cleaning a moldy leather jacket.

– Mix some water and rubbing alcohol in a bucket or bowl. 
Dip the piece of cloth into the mixture then wring it well. Ensure that the cloth is damp but not wet and neither dry. Using the cloth rub the leather jacket gently and rinse it out whenever you see it completely covered in mold. You can estimate that it is time to rinse after every cleaned section that is equal to the cloth in size. Rinse it every often to avoid smearing the mold back onto the jacket with the next wiping. You can add in more alcohol that is diluted with every rinsing depending with the level of grown mold. You should be able to judge how damaged it is and how much of alcohol you need to add.

– Apply the mild soap and gently rub it on the leather to assist the water and rubbing alcohol since in many cases they are never enough on their own. 
To clean the jacket completely you need some soap and the most ideal are leather soaps for instance the kinds that are used on horse saddles. You can also mix warm water and a full cap of saddle soap in a bucket and mix thoroughly to produce a soapy mixture. Detergent soaps that are mild work quite well. Wipe away the soap using a cloth that has been dipped into plain cold water. It is advisable to use a different cloth for this step.

– Use a dry cloth to completely dry off the previously used liquids. 

– Place the jacket in any environment that is airy or very well aired for example under the fan. 
You can also hang it outside to ensure maximum aeration on all sides. Let it dry completely before you put it away. It is advisable to hang it in a sunny location since the sun naturally kills mold and its spores.

– Pour some leather conditioner on a piece of cloth, at least a quarter of a cap.
 Rub this conditioner on the surface that previously had mold. This helps to restore the normal levels of moisture on the jacket since leather should be soft to bring out its best look and feel. 


* If the inside of the jacket is still giving off a musty or damp smell even after you have cleaned it then you can pour baking soda on the inside and let it settle for about an hour.
 It helps to absorb bad odor. Vacuum the baking soda after the hour has elapsed.

* Get rid of any form of moisture that settles on leather as soon as you spot it.
 This prevents water damage, stains and it blocks the formation of mold before it gets to an advanced stage. 

* Make a habit of checking your leather garments often to see if there has been any growth or ruin
. Air them and leave them in the sun for a few hours every week and especially those you rarely wear.

* Store your leather garments in dry places.

* You can also opt to use vinegar and water using the same procedure or with a spray bottle.
 Avoid using water if the stains are tough. 

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