How Much Does Laundry Service Cost in Singapore?

How Much Does Laundry Service Cost in Singapore?

Looking for laundry service in Singapore? When you have a pile of laundry to clean but have no time, are exhausted or simply lack the motivation to clean it, a laundry service in Singapore is certainly a welcome addition to your utilities. The service allows you to have a regular supply of fresh, clean laundry without having to do the work yourself. Considering the convenience and the time you can save by using a laundry service in Singapore, it is definitely worth investing in.

Laundry rates in Singapore vary according to several factors. Basically, the rates depend on the amount and type of laundry. The rates structure for items such as curtains, carpet rugs and those made with delicate fabrics is different from those of ordinary clothing items. At Singapore Laundry for example, it will cost you about $4 to have a skirt, a blouse, a shawl or a sari cleaned. It costs $4 to clean male shirts, cardigans and trousers including jeans while coats or jackets cost $3.50 to clean. An army uniform is charged $3.50. Laundry rate for unisex pants and jeans, sweaters or cardigans is $4.

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The rates for other household items also vary according to type. A bed sheet is charged $4.50, a pillow case or bolster case $1, bed spread $12 and bed cover or comforter $14. Cleaning a bed protector, quilt cover and mattress protector costs $8 and $3 for a cushion cover. Curtains are charged $6 per kg or $5 per piece while sofa covers are charged $15. The rates for cleaning carpet or rugs depend on the size. A carpet measuring less than 7 feet is cleaned for $120 while one measuring more than 11 feet will cost $180. Note that carpets and rugs are dry cleaned. Generally, dry cleaning rates for all the items are slightly higher.

It costs $5 to dry clean a blouse, $6 for a skirt, $13 for a sari, $5 for a sari blouse and $6 for a Punjabi suit. A dress costs $8 and above to dry clean while a Baju Kurung costs $15 and an evening gown $26 and above. Shirts for men are charged $6, T-shirts $4.50, coats and jackets $7.50 and ties, vests and scarves $5. Unisex trousers including jeans, sweaters or cardigans are charged $6 to dry clean. It will cost you $12 to have a wind breaker dry cleaned while a winter coat or overcoat is charged $16.

Dry cleaning household items such as bed sheets costs $10, $14 for bed spread and $2 for pillow cases or bolster cases. A bed cover or comforter is charged $16, a quilt cover $12 and a cushion cover $5. A sofa cover is charged $17 to dry clean while curtains are charged $8 per kg or per piece.

While price is an important factor when choosing a laundry service, it is important to choose a reliable, professional service. For convenience, you may want to choose a service that offers free laundry pick up and drop off services. Your laundry is collected from your doorstep and delivered to you clean and fresh for free.

Like other modern societies, Singapore has become busier. The demands of this lifestyle are leaving more people with less time in their hands for other activities beside their careers. This means it is more convenient to outsource laundry services to free up your time so that you can focus on other responsibilities.
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