How Much Does Curtain Cleaning Pickup Delivery Cost?

Cleaning a home is no easy task even with modern conveniences such as dishwashers and vacuums. To be able to clean curtain effectively, it takes more than washing machine to be able to clean such as a large amount of fabric. This is where Laundromats come in and dry cleaners come into the picture. Those establishments are capable of not only cleaning your curtains, but they can make them come out looking like they did when they were new. 

Cleaners have larger facilities for cleaning larger cloth items such as curtains. What is cleaned and for how much depends upon what kind of an item it is and how long it will take to clean and dry correctly. Higher quality items will also get charged the higher price for the care they will need to be cleaned correctly. Most cleaning establishments are reasonable about their prices. They usually start around $5.00 and grow upwards from there. When it comes to cleaning curtains in Singapore, The pricing generally starts around $8.00 for the basic wash and iron but can go as high as $35.00 if you want your curtains steam cleaned. As for delivery, the prices also vary for the cost of a pick and of the return delivery. There are additional installation charges to get the curtains put back up and each establishment hasits own procedures for handling this.

When you are planning on curtain cleaning there are several factors to consider besides price:

• What is the reputation of the establishment

The reputation of the establishment is important for the kind of service you will receive and how clean your curtains will come out being. Are they known for burning their laundry when they iron it? Do they fail at getting stains out? Are they not pleasant to do business with?

• What kind of materials do they use to clean your curtains?

The kinds of chemicals they use on the curtains can affect everything from your health to the environment. Does this company use eco-friendly materials? Are the chemicals harsh and if so, will they damage your curtains? Will, there be any residual smell and will that affect you? 

• How clean do the curtains get?

Some types of cleaning materials clean better than others. What is the quality of the cleaners they are using? Do they have a screening process for items that do not get as clean as they should? Will it damage them more to be cleaned again?

• Will I need help getting them up and down?

This is one that needs to be asked if you have difficulties getting around with heavy items or if you will have trouble getting them off the curtain rod. Additional charges usually apply for delivery and installation, but if you have problems moving around it should be considered.

• How will the curtains be cleaned?

Usually, there are procedures in place for how they clean certain items. If you have any concerns about the type of fabric your curtain is and getting it cleaned correctly, then you should enquire such as if your curtains are muslin then they need more of a delicate cleaning. 

• How long will it take?

This is one of the main questions that gets asked of most cleaning services. The average time for any sort of cleaning is about a week. You can pay extra for express cleaning services which are on demand and will get you your curtains or clothes after 3 to 5 days. 

Often if you need your curtains removed or reinstalled for cleaning it can be a service that is available during the day and at night for those of you that work. There are extra charges that apply, but they are not large. The average rate seems to be around a $15 flat fee for the entire procedure. The installation services will send someone to your home to collect your curtains. They will arrive with their own ladders and collection bags and remove the curtains safely, without damaging them or your home. This same specialist will when your curtains are cleaned and will bring your freshly laundered curtains wrapped nicely in plastic to your door. They will proceed to reinstall them after this and leave you with fresh clean rooms that are dust and grime free once more.