Does Laundry Services Comes With Ironing?

Many families in Singapore have a busy life and busy work schedules. They don’t have time to spend on house chores anymore. For those families the professional laundry services with ironing are one of the ways to make their life much easier. It is a common trend nowadays in Singapore to hire the services of companies specialized in laundry cleaning and ironing. The ironing service is usually included in the list of services offered by the dry cleaning companies. 

Most of the customers want also an ironing service together with the laundry service because they need their clothes properly ironed but they don’t have time to do it themselves, same as for the laundry cleaning. By choosing the services of a company that offers both laundry and ironing you have the convenience to have all the necessary work done for you in the same place. Many companies don’t charge additional fees for ironing. There are many advantages to outsource your laundry and ironing to a professional laundry and ironing services company, such as MrsLaundry.

A laundry service will help you with the cleaning of any kind of laundry, from underwear to evening dresses and suits, and even bed linens and curtains. The specialized company will take care of all the necessary washing, dry cleaning and ironing for you. Some of the laundry service companies will even have a collection and delivery service for assuring you better convenience. The fees for a laundry service are very affordable and they may depend on the fabric of the laundry. The fees can also vary with the number of items you send in and the type of cleaning.

When you use a laundry and ironing service you free up more time for you and that is one of the main advantages in using this type of services. Singapore is a fast paced society where many people are just too busy to take care of the house chores themselves. You can save a lot of time by outsourcing laundry cleaning and ironing to a specialized company and have it all done for you.

Another advantage of using a laundry and ironing service is that the company is specialized and has experience in these types of services. It is different when a service is offered by a business in a professional way than when you do the same work at home, with your own means. They can do a better job on cleaning and ironing your clothes than you can do yourself. They use high performance technologies and equipments and qualified personnel. 

They give you a guarantee that they will do their job well. They can use dry cleaning technology that offers a better cleaning for your clothes. The dry cleaning process uses fluids to remove stains and soils from the fabric of your clothes. By using dry cleaning is easier to dissolve oils and grease than by using water for washing. Some fabrics such as synthetic fibers can still retain the grease stains even after washing but they will get completely clean with dry cleaning. 

For cleaning difficult to remove stains sometimes the all purpose products or the home remedies are just not working, no matter how hard you try. Stains can be water soluble or solvent soluble and different types of stains need different type of treatments. The dry cleaning companies have trained technicians who know best which type of stain removal procedure to administer. They use special stain removal chemicals and complex procedures to ensure a perfect cleaning of your laundry.

The garments can return to a “like new” state after using dry cleaning. This technology prevents changes in finish or texture, loss of color, or shrinkage. The laundry service companies can use dry cleaning not only for clothes but also for other household textiles, such as rugs, draperies, upholstery, pillows, comforters, and blankets. Using special pressing equipment, the laundry service companies will give your garments a professional finishing, like new appearance, wrinkle free. You don’t have to spend long hours on the ironing board anymore.

The laundry and ironing service companies will carefully inspect your clothes before returning them to you. They will ensure that all your items are in a perfect state and they meet your most exigent expectations.

Use the laundry and ironing services of the specialized Singapore companies and you will have many great benefits in terms of quality and saved time.