Curtain Steaming VS Curtain Dry Cleaning

You know your curtains are an important furnishing aspect. Aside from providing a beautiful backdrop, they also compliment the decor or the rest of the room’s furnishings. As with all soft furnishings, your curtains also act as odor and dust depositories. Your house may appear to be clean, but a build-up of odors and dust in curtains build up over time. Your curtains trap the dust floating in the atmosphere regardless of which area you live in, in Singapore.

Curtains not regularly vacuumed, allows dust to become so dense that it is deeply compacted into the fabric of the curtains. This extensive build up of dust could make a significant difference to the quality of the air in your home. Every time you open and close your curtains the pollutants and dust contained within your curtains are partially dislodged and thrown around the atmosphere inside your house.

This has several serious issues on the overall health of the inhabitants of the home. Many individuals are sensitive to a house’s dust mites and this dust has serious impact on allergy sufferers as well. Apart from that, your house can have serious odor issues even though your home might be spotlessly clean. Many homes have central heating, which leads to higher humidity levels. Higher humidity levels can cause your curtains to become a welcome breeding ground for all dust mites in your home.

Professional curtain steaming or curtain dry cleaning can therefor eliminate this possibility. You are left with a home that is:

· Free of dust mites
· Free of stale and unpleasant odors
· Left with a healthy and safe environment for the whole family
· Longevity of curtains are ensured

Now that you realize the importance of cleaning curtains, what do you do? The trouble of hanging curtains is first on your mind. Taking them down and hanging them back up are playing on your mind. This often allow homeowners to delay and once delayed forgotten again. However, you should keep in mind that the deeper the dirt embeds the aesthetic appeal of your once beautiful curtains will be lost.

The possibility of permanently damaging curtains with the wrong cleaning method is always a possibility. This is why the importance of recommending the use of professionals are stressed. Now you may wonder which type of cleaning to opt for. Curtain steaming VS curtain dry cleaning as you can have both these services from the professionals.

Both these services has its advantages and almost no disadvantages. Let us look at these individually.
· Curtain Steaming – 

professionals come to your home or office and without taking down your curtains, they use sophisticated techniques in steaming your curtains where it is hanging. Steam reaches the dust trapped inside the curtains and effectively rids your curtains from all pollutants and dust. Your curtains are left with a beautiful, clean fresh smell and your windows were never bare.

· Curtain Dry Cleaning – 

professional dry cleaners also comes to your home and remove your curtains for you. You only have to make the call and they take care of the rest. Your curtains are taken away; they use sophisticated dry cleaning methods specially designed for fine and sensitive materials. Your curtains will not sustain and shrinkage or warping and will be returned smelling fresh and clean and even re-hang for you.

Is there a better method that is the recommended option for you? Both as explained are non-damaging and leaves your curtains clean without compromise. In this regard, it is completely a matter of budget and personal preference. Professionals could also come to your house and asses your home or office on site and advice you according to their findings, which option would be more suitable.

The disadvantages of having curtains steam cleaned while hanging is the intrusion into your home for the period, which they require to complete the task. Many individuals actually prefer the curtains steamed while hanging by professional’s on site and would actually call this an advantage.

The disadvantages of having curtains dry cleaned are only the one fact that you will sit with bare windows for the period during which they were taken away and rehung. In most cases, individuals do not see this as a disadvantage either, as your curtains will not be kept longer than the estimated period quoted and you do not have to take them down or rehung them. The dry cleaning service can include the complete package in your quote.