Benefits And Tips For Choosing Laundry Cleaning

Choosing quality laundry cleaning in Singapore is tough but choosing quality laundry cleaners providing door to door cleaning services is tougher. Door pick-up and delivery is a key service needed by many a householder particularly when dealing with fabrics which are heavy. Imagine if you need to get your curtains cleaned, and you have to drop them at the laundry cleaners while juggling with your hectic schedule. Now imagine a scenario wherein your dry cleaners arrive at your door picks up your dirty laundry and delivers them in powder new condition! Keeping this in mind, nowadays the laundry cleaners have come up with a customer convenience option of door to door laundry services.

Find out from your friends

As with choosing any laundry cleaning services, you will have to do your groundwork first. Find out from your friends, colleagues and neighbors the best laundry cleaning services in the neighborhood. You will get some helpful tips in shortlisting the door to door laundry cleaning to go for when you move into a new locality.

Identify the different companies offering laundry cleaning services. 

There might be a quite a few and all of them claiming to be the best. Do not jump the gun and use the services of the first laundry cleaner willing to pick the garments/ curtains from home. After all, you have invested a lot of money and time in the fabrics; now it is time you invest in their maintenance. Check with your colleagues and neighbors on the different laundry cleaners, verify whether they provide the door to door dry cleaning services that you need.

Contacting the service provider

Once you shortlist the laundry cleaner offering the door to door laundry cleaning services, you can either call them over a phone or send an email. The ball now would be in their court. They will send a form asking you to fill in your contact details. Also, they would provide a list of services that they offer and might ask you to choose the one that interests you.

Check on how much time do they take.

The usual time for the garments to be cleaned is three business days. Check with the laundry cleaner how much time they take. In three days’ time, your new and cleaned fabrics would be delivered at your doorstep, thus saving you lot of work of dropping and picking up the package. Most probably, you would like to go in for the door to door cleaning services for items such as curtains, bed sheets, sofa covers etc. And these items do not require to be cleaned on a weekly basis. Hence go in for a monthly package. This essentially means that the company would pick your curtains/ sofa covers/ bed sheets once in every month from your doorstep. Your job would be to call the laundry cleaners whenever you feel there is a need to get them cleaned.


When it comes to the payment, the door to door laundry cleaning service usually does not charge any extra fee for the service rendered. The cost of laundry cleaning would be the same even if you drop the curtains or opt for the door to door service. But it would be worthwhile to check this up with the laundry cleaning service provider first. Find out the different payment options that the laundry cleaners have. Probably you can clear the dues once in every month when you drop by the shop else in case your schedule is hectic; you can get the bills cleared using a credit card. In this option when the amount is deducted, the company would inform you about it. With all these benefits that one can get because of opting for the door to door laundry cleaning, it makes immense sense to opt for those laundry cleaning service providers who provide these kinds of services.

Benefits of laundry cleaning

These days many people want to outsource cleaning services as they remain busy to perform such tasks on their own. Due to many financial needs and the difficult economy, you may need to spend most of your time at other jobs. In such cases, professional laundering and cleaning services can help to solve all such issues. Their services can help to clean clothes and drop them off at your doorstep. If you opt for such services in Singapore, you can save a great deal of time and effort. These services are easy to use and provide cost-effective solutions for home as well as commercial needs. There are many benefits to using commercial laundry services, some of them are listed below.

Save Your Time

Due to a tough economy, most people have strict work schedules and don’t get enough time to perform laundry tasks. In such cases, you may need professional help to get your clothes cleaned on time without any delay. Such services can also assist to press and iron your clothes as well. Some clothes also need dry cleaning, so you can also get help to dry clean your clothes. Many companies pick up and drop clothes at your doorstep, so you don’t need to schedule these tasks in your routine. This will also help you to focus on other important tasks in your work routine rather than laundry services.

Stains Removal

Sometimes clothes get stains which can become difficult to handle on your own. In many cases, use of normal detergents won’ help to clean stains in your fabric. These stains may come from food, dirt or different other chemicals. To help get rid of these stains, you can also ask for laundry cleaning. If you use strong chemical detergents to clean those stains on your own, it may damage your clothes permanently. Your clothes may lose their original colors or get fade areas at different places on fabric.

Easy and Comfort

Many people who remain busy in their work schedules get the most benefit from laundry cleaning. Either if you need such services for business or home, they can quite assist you. If you want to help with any laundry, you can call or email such companies anytime. Professional laundry services maintain customer care representatives, who can attend to all your queries.