Advantages of Laundry Dry Cleaning

During the earlier times, people will go to rivers or anywhere they can find a source of water. They will need to spend the whole day washing their clothes using soap and water. They will then spend another day or so drying them and another one day just pressing them. Today, cleaning your clothes has never been easy.

You can just use some machines to do the dry cleaning for you or you can just pay someone to do all the cleaning. The only problem when having your clothes be cleaned by a cleaning company or store is that it be quite expensive at times. Here’s what you can do to save for your laundry dry cleaning service in Singapore.

1. Utilize The Services Being Offered

This means that you need to make use of all the possible free services they are offering like the sewing of holes, replacing buttons or zippers, or hemming of pants. Most service providers offer this kind of service with no additional cost.

2. Find a Reliable Cleaner and Stick With Them

If you are going to be a loyal client for a certain dry cleaner, you can be awarded with some special discounts or services with no additional cost. This is often given by companies or store owners to their loyal customers since it keeps you coming back to them rather than going to their competitor. The difference of prices between providers is not that much compared to the discounts you will be having if you are a loyal customer.

3. Save Your Hangers They’re Worth Something

If you will be using a dry cleaning service provider, most of them would be preparing your clothes with hangers after pressing. You can later on bring all those saved up hangers to your cleaning provider and they might even give you some discounts. This is because instead of buying new ones, they just reuse some of the ones that can still be used.

Use Cold Water

The idea is that hot water helps remove grease and grime but in reality it is the motion of the water that does most of the work. Eliminating the use of hot water in your laundry can save big time on electric and natural gas costs because less use of hot water is required.

Cut Down On Number Of Loads

Combining all colors of laundry can now be done with equal if not better cleaning than your current way of separating colors. This helps cut down on total number of wash loads by combining more clothes into each load.

Eliminate Detergent

The elimination of detergent in your wash actually achieves several objectives discussed further in this article. The obvious benefit is the savings on weekly or monthly costs for boxes or bottles of laundry detergent. With no detergent containers the need to dispose of boxes and bottles has been eliminated. Thus, one is contributing less to the overfilling of landfills which is an eco-conscious idea!

Reduce Pollution Discharge From Washer

Laundry detergents are some of the biggest contributors to water pollution. Every household has a clothes washing machine and then think about the number of loads of laundry with detergent are being washed and flushed down the drains. It sums up to a lot of pollution of phosphates and other chemicals which are known to be detrimental to the environment. Eliminate the detergent factor and the problem is solved.

No More Fabric Softeners

Many detergents leave chemical residue in the clothes and laundry fibers that remain stiff and uncomfortable. Eliminate the detergent and the fabric softener will no longer be required.

End Skin Allergies Due To Laundry Chemicals

Once the chemicals used in washing clothes and laundry are eliminated, there are no longer any residual chemicals left in clothes to cause allergies and allergic reactions between skin and clothes. Imagine never having to apply cremes, lotions, or treatments to skin to alleviate irritation

Extend The Life Of Clothes

Chemicals found in laundry cleaning and treatment can be harsh on clothes. The abrasives used within these products can scrape and scrub surface layers off clothes including colors and threads. Imagine being able to eliminate all the abrasive action of laundry detergents and extending the life of your clothes by 50% to 100% longer! Would this save you money?

So if you are searching for dry cleaning services in Singapore, then there are many choices to selecting from when it comes to best Dry cleaning and laundry services. 

• Handle your items- clothes furnishings, upholstery carefully, carpets.
• Offer good services at competitive prices
• Preserve the fabrics and materials
• Offer most services like executive services, carpet cleaning, free pickup and delivery on time
• Shirt services
• Alterations and repairs
• Stain removals
• Efficient and timely

Once you know that you can set about aiming for it. You must know how to do it, what resources you need, and what steps you will have to take. You will need to know how long it will take and what you need to check along the way – you can’t put the laundry away if it’s not dry.

Electronic laundry device provides that same experience in a much shorter period of time. Simply clean and dry and you are ready to go. Imagine having an entire wardrobe with this natural, clean, and economical method applied. Imagine the absence of itchy and burning skin due to residual chemicals.

Change into your working clothes when you are at your work place. Though it is not applicable for everyone, wearing your clothes only when you are at your work place preserves the life of your clothes after it has been pressed. This can lessen the wrinkles on your clothes and can make pressing them a lot easier and faster after they have been cleaned.

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