7 Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Your Curtain

Curtains are very important as they play a very important role in your home interior decoration. Just like any other home accessory, this one should be cleaned from time to time to get rid of dirt and smells that it absorbs. It is of paramount importance to follow the stipulated curtain cleaning guidelines to avoid regrets down the road. The instructions are usually clearly printed on its label hence take time to read them before you start cleaning it.

For now, here are 7 top mistakes that you should avoid when carrying out this cleaning procedure.

Not hiring a professional: 
Most people believe that cleaning curtains is a simple task that they can carry out without necessarily calling a professional. Others go for unqualified personnel in a bid to save money. This results in unsatisfactory service delivery which tampers with the quality of the curtain fabric. Based on this fact, it is recommendable to only hire a professional who is certified by various regulatory bodies. Also, the selected service provider should have a positive reputation in the market.

Use of wrong cleaning reagents:
In order to meet the diverse interior decoration needs, manufacturers usually use different materials to make curtains. Some of the materials such as 100% cotton need to be handled carefully as they can easily shrink. Additionally, the type of cleaning reagents that you use has a direct impact on the end results. There are harsh reagents that will aggravate the rate at which your curtain fades. Bottom line; choose friendly cleaning reagents that are in line with the material of your curtain. One of the guaranteed ways of doing this is by reading the specific ingredients used to formulate the reagent before purchasing it. 

Use of wrong cleaning appliances: 
This is one common mistake that homeowners make when cleaning their curtains. There are curtains that can be cleaned using the normal washing machines while others should only be hand-washed or cleaned using steam. For example, heavy curtains should never be cleaned using a washing machine as they can damage some of the internal parts when being whirled. Hence, it is of paramount importance to use appliances that suits your curtains best. A professional can help you make an informed decision when choosing cleaning equipments. 

Drying curtains outside in areas that are exposed to direct sunlight: 
As mentioned, some of the curtains are made from delicate materials that need to handle with great care. Hanging such a curtain outside to dry in areas that are exposed to direct sunlight can lead to shrinking. The harsh ultra violet rays from the sun can also tamper with its prints and decorations. 

Not planning for the task: 
It is wise to plan for this task before the due date. This will give you ample time to purchase the reagents, equipments and other materials that are required. You will also save time that would have being spent rushing from one store to another looking for a particular reagent. Note that some curtains should not be soaked in soapy water for long as this could lead to discoloration. So, you must be available to remove them after time. Some of the important equipments and materials that you need include liquid sprayer, clean cloth, and soft bristled brush if you intend to steam clean the curtains, a clean cloth, vinegar to clean rusted rails and the list continues.

Use of malfunctioned equipments:
If you intend to use a washing machine or a steam cleaner, make sure that it’s fully functional to avoid damaging the curtain’s fabric. For example, the steam cleaner should have a long upholstery that can reach the highest parts of the curtains. Also make sure that you attach a soft brush at the end of the upholstery to effectively get rid of dirt and remove stains without harming the fabric.

Not wearing protective clothing: 
Some of the cleaning reagents can irritate the skin. Also, steam can cause burns it comes into contact with your skin. To avoid such huddles, it is recommendable to wear protective clothing.

As you can see, curtain cleaning is a crucial process that needs to be meticulously carried out. Avoiding these mistakes will go a long way in increase the lifespan of your curtain.