6 Benefits Of Dry Cleaning Over Laundry Service In Singapore

Singapore has many providers of dry cleaning services. This can be attributed to the high number of preferring this service over traditional laundry services. Modern dry cleaners use solvent to clean garments instead of water that is used in hand washing. This has many benefits over traditional cleaning. 

It is more efficient and it results to garments with a better look than hand washing. Fabrics that have greasy stains or ones that are unsuitable for washing in water maintains their quality and good look when dry cleaned. Basically, cleaning fabrics using solvent instead of water has many benefits over traditional cleaning.

Major benefits of dry cleaning over traditional laundry service
Among the major reasons why many people prefer this service over traditional cleaning include:

1. Retaining texture of the fabrics: When garments are dry-cleaned, stains are removed in different fabrics without losing their texture. This is because the process and the solvent used do not interfere with the structure of different fabrics. Thus, people who want to retain the texture of their garments prefer this cleaning over traditional hand washing.

2. Preventing color bleeding and fading: Some fabrics do not have waterproof dyes. When they get into contact with water, they usually bleed. However, when they are dry-cleaned the agents used in this process prevent colors from fading and running in them. This ensures that they always have a vibrant appearance even after many years.

3. Reducing shrinkage: Many natural fabrics shrink when they are washed in water. However, when they are dry-cleaned they retain their finishing without signs of shrinkage.

4. Better stain removal and reduced wear and tear: This cleaning removes stubborn stains faster than traditional hand washing. This is because modern machines are used and providers of these services are highly experienced. They know the appropriate chemical to use for effective removal of different stubborn stains. Regular traditional laundry results to easy tear and wear of the fabrics. This is due to harsh rubbing and detergents that are used during hand washing. On the other hand, when clothes are dry-cleaned they tend to last longer because this process does not rely on rubbing of clothes which prevents tearing and wearing out of the fabrics.

5. Convenience: This cleaning process is suitable for people who do not like spending long hours waiting for their clothes to be clean and ready. Many providers of these services in Singapore offer solutions for busy people who want pickup and delivery services.

6. Affordable: Despite using modern technology and suitable chemicals, majority of these services are affordable. This has always made it possible for families to always have clean clothes without spending much of their time and money. There are many providers of these services in Singapore. This has always made accessing dry cleaning services in Singapore and even comparing their charges easy. Many service providers also have websites with their contacts which makes it easy for customers to contact them.

Basically, going for dry cleaning service is highly beneficial than traditional hand washing. You get more professional service that better suit your specific needs such as time and delivery. This is not the case with traditional laundry service that requires you to wait for long hours and your clothes may fade or retain stubborn stains.

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