4 Myths On Wedding Gown Dry Cleaning

You will find so many wedding gown cleaning myths floating around and it is important to bring to an end these mistaken beliefs. 

Myth 1: Care label instructions inside the wedding gown shows best method of cleaning it

The directions on the label are not the best or even the only way of cleaning your gown. Care label simply means that if the cleaning clinically follows the directions and the wedding gown is damaged during the dry cleaning process, the manufacturer will take the blame for the damage. This is the reason instructions such as “Spot clean only, Do not dry clean or Do not wetclean” appear on the label. This language aptly protects a manufacturer from any blame or liability since the manufacturer is generally telling you the wedding gown cannot be cleaned. Nonetheless, find a wedding gown cleaning specialist in Singapore with enough experience and the cleaning will be done successfully. 

Myth 2: Lack of dirt or stains means the gown is fine

Your wedding gown may appear clean but if you had it on through out the wedding, it has soil and grass stains, cake icing, deodorant, body oil and anything else that is not visible. If you get visible stains then you are alright, such as ginger ale, chocolate icing, cola spills or even red wine, because you will have them removed. It is those stains not immediately visible that will deceive you. In a year or so, the stains you thought invisible will evolve into yellow brownish ugly stains that will ruin the precious gown if left alone. It is possible for pesky moths including other harmful insects to lay eggs and hatch into larvae that feast on the dirt a wedding gown cleaning specialist should have cleaned along time ago. Cleaning the gown will keep it clean for a year or a decade, perhaps for your daughter in law and should be cleaned immediately the wedding is over. 

Myth 3: If the gown is cleaned and left hanging, it is ok 

While in the right conditions a wedding gown that has been cleaned well will survive hanging for a number of years, the success is only one in about ten. If your gown is left hanging, perhaps in a closet, it could stretch; if gown is not hung right the seams will stretch due to its heavy nature, more so heavy train gowns. Pets and kids might also cause problems while exploring the closet and the wedding gown might never be the same. Wedding gown cleaning has to be done well making sure the gown is protected from different kinds of risks. After cleaning, keep it safe in 100 percent acid-free type of archival quality preservation chest for it to stick around for years. 

Myth 4: Since the gown will be sold, there is no need of cleaning it 

You definitely are not planning to sell a stained and dirty wedding gown to an innocent unsuspicious sole. Also, remember any consignment shop with repute around Singapore and beyond will only take their wedding gowns back if they have been cleaned well. It is obvious you would not like to buy or hire a wedding gown that has just arrived from another wedding. 

In short, to keep a wedding gown for decades or to sell it at a better cost, using the best wedding gown cleaning services in Singapore with experience to show will ensure you reap these benefits in full.