11 Mistakes To Avoid When Folding Clothes

Are you folding clothes and they don’t appear as you intended? Probably you are making a very big mistake. Making folded clothes look great is very important. Laundry final tasks of folding clothes are something done in our day to day lives. Most people assume that they do the right thing when folding clothes. After you are through with the laundry services, the big task comes when you are folding clothes. In the real sense, no one is perfect. You may be doing some slight mistakes that you don’t know.

This piece of the article gives you the clear outline of the mistakes to avoid. Below are some of the actions that will make you mess up with your hard work:

1. Failure to remove clothes from the dryer 

Once you are through, don’t leave your clothes in the dryer. It is pretty obvious that they will wrinkle. It will be a daunting moment when folding them. Don’t wait such a stressful moment, just remove your clothes immediately from the dryer to prevent them from forming wrinkles.

2. Fail to remember shaking out the clothes 

Are you removing clothes from the dryer and you immediately fold them without shaking them. Ooh! You are doing a mistake that you don’t know. Try as much as possible to shake your clothes before folding them. This is an important action which helps your clothes to appear flatter. Are you wondering what is the significance of shaking clothes, it’s because the clothes will look smoother when you fold and this makes them look smart. 

3. Ignoring the fabric 

You may be overlooking some clothes and fail to fold them properly. This is another big mistake to avoid. Don’t just overlook clothes that are slippery, in fact, you can easily fold them. If you have been ignoring such type of clothes, you are making a mistake that you really don’t know. Now you have known how simple it is to fold them. So, next time doesn’t just overlook these clothes.

4. Folding bras the wrong way( one cup inside the other ) 

How do you fold bras? Are you placing the cup inside the other? Well, if you are doing this then you are doing the wrong thing. It is not wise to fold bras half way because you are messing up with its shape. You should avoid this and try to nest them together. A good example is when you are buying bras in the marketplace they are arranged properly in a row. Fold them like that and they will look tidy.

5. Folding socks into ball

This is another mistake that you could be making. Rolling the socks into balls isn’t right. This is what most people usually do. It is important to note that elastic socks stretch out and this may hinder the durability. If you roll your socks into balls, stop doing that and try to fold the pair of socks half way. 

6. Failure to remember the appearance of the cloth when you wear it 

Generally, you look smart when you wear a cloth that is smooth and doesn’t have a wrinkle. If you forget how the cloth will appear when wearing it, you are making a big mistake and it is very important to avoid it. Try to think about how you fold the different types of clothes and how they appear. In most cases, people tend to fold sweaters and tops lengthwise and in halves. This is not right because when you pile them together a line may appear and will you wear it looks very untidy. If you remember how your clothes will look like when you wear them, you will be able to avoid some slight mistakes.

7. Folding shirts the wrong way 

How do you fold your shirts? Probably your think your style is the best. Are you folding them lengthwise in half way? You are wrong. Try to fold the arms together whether a short or long sleeved shirt. Make sure that the arms are folded on the back of the shirt. Ensure that the hem of the shirt touches the neck and then flatten your shirt. This will definitely make your shirt look smarter. If your style of folding the shirt is different from this, try to fold your shirt as instructed.

8. Folding trousers incorrectly 

How do you fold your trousers? You may think that you fold them correctly yet when you wear there are wrinkles all over. You aren’t folding the right way. Try to approximate your style with the one explained below; 
• Brings the legs together • Fold to ensure the bottom touches the waist
These are the two main ways of folding trousers mostly the jeans or any other material but jeans is appropriate for this style. You are guaranteed that your trousers will look tidy. 

9. Folding skirts and dresses incorrectly 

As stated earlier, you may be thinking that your style of folding is the best. You may not have hangers but this doesn’t mean that your skirt or dress will look untidy. You can fold them. Just take a look at this method of folding;
• If it is a skirt, fold it and ensure the hem touches the waistband. If it is a dress, ensure that the hem touches the collar. 
• Then fold vertically in the shape of rectangular to ensure that the hem and the collar are inside.

10. Folding the T- shirt incorrectly

Just like a shirt, you may also fold the T- shirt the same way. Probably the style you are using makes the T-shirt look untidy. You are making a mistake that you need to avoid. The best way is to:• Try to fold your T-shirt when the arms are attached together on the back.
• Then fold it lengthwise and ensure that the hem touches the neck. 
• Then flatten for it to appear smooth.

11. Piling up folded clothes on high shelves 

Now that you have folded your clothes try to store them on lower shelves. This is because reaching on a high shelf may be stressful and you end up disarranging your folded clothes. This may cause them to look untidy and you may be forced to fold them again. To avoid this, it is intelligent to place your folded clothes on a lower shelf for easy access.

The aforementioned information will greatly help you on how to fold clothes. You will avoid some of the mistakes that you are making. Try to implement the right methods of folding clothes to avoid some disappointment.