What Is The Best Way To Clean Carpets?

What Is The Best Way To Clean Carpets? The carpets, in addition to being beautiful, are the perfect complement to decorate a space. This gives it the different touch and that elegance that our home needs. In addition that it gives warmth and warmth to our house.

But it can become a nightmare and a problem when it is time for cleaning. We must remember that from time to time we must clean carpets. It is to prevent moisture from occurring and thus extend the life of use and always look like new.

Here are these tips for you to discover the correct way to clean carpets:

Where do I wash my carpet?

Ideally, you should have containers according to the size of your rug. This is a good idea for small rugs that can be washed in a container where they fit perfectly. In the case of large carpets, finding a container that will fit is an impossible task. Hence, a different cleaning protocol must be applied.

To cope with this situation, the best idea is to wash our large rugs in the shower or the bathtub. It is always not rough in texture, so you can better distribute the soap and water throughout the area of the carpet.

The time has come to aspire

What Is The Best Way To Clean Carpets?

Before using soap and water, an important step is to remove most of the residue or any dirt. For this, the best tool will be a vacuum cleaner. Since with it you can quickly and safely absorb all dirt and residue.

By doing this the washing process will be easier and faster since this helps us to optimize the use of resources that we have at home. Finally, we can also shake the carpet after vacuuming to finish removing any residue or dirt that may remain on the carpet.

After this, we can proceed with the deep cleaning of the carpet.

Hot or cold water?

What Is The Best Way To Clean Carpets?

It is important to know what material our carpet is, so we will know what temperature of the water is suitable for cleaning. This is a crucial element when we are learning how to wash our carpets. The most recommended thing this time is to use warm water to proceed with the wash.

You must be careful because if you exceed the temperatures. Either very hot or very cold you can destroy the fabrics of the carpet.

Using water at 30 degrees is an acceptable temperature for all types of carpets with which you will have favorable results. But if you can do research online or ask at the store how is the best way to clean your carpet and what temperature would be ideal.

Soap is the least of it

Currently, there are many products whose main objective is carpet cleaning. So if you find a good option that suits the needs of your carpet, this will facilitate the cleaning work. In case you do not want to buy these products, you can use soaps as long as they are neutral and foamy.

They must bear in mind that when buying them, they should not have alcohol, artificial odors, or colorants. This will ensure that the useful life of our carpet is maintained and that it does not look deteriorated after washing it.


It is time to wash, the most important thing is that you ensure that the carpet is covered with a good amount of water so that it absorbs water and soap more easily. Another point that you should take into account is the amount you will use of soap.

If you use too much soap it can become a nightmare when you want to remove it, it is best to dilute a considerable amount with water, to achieve a soapy mixture. Which will help you to finish the cleaning process.

What Is The Best Way To Clean Carpets? – Conclusion

What Is The Best Way To Clean Carpets?

Finally, you should rub circularly to remove dirt and make your carpet look new. Do not use brushes as they can damage the carpet fabrics. In this process, the most important thing is to have patience, time, and perseverance.

In addition to being sure that you will get good results thanks to this quick guide on the best way to clean your carpet

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