Curtain Cleaning – Laundry Wash Or Dry Cleaned?

You may be stressed on how to clean your curtains after they are dirty in your house in Singapore. The stress is coming in whether to take the curtains for dry cleaning or use wet laundry in cleaning your curtain. You may be having a view that whichever method you use your curtains will be cleaned at the end. That is not true. It depends on the type of the curtains. Curtains have different properties, there are those which tend to fade colors during the cleaning process, there are those that can shrink considerably, or others may just wear out quickly in using certain methods or chemicals to clean. For you to decide on the appropriate method to clean your curtains you need to consider the following aspects that your curtain may have.

Type of fabric used to make your curtains
Different fabrics can be used during the manufacture of your curtains. It is good to take this into consideration when cleaning your curtains. Materials that tend to shrink more you will require making use of the dry cleaning method for convenience. Sometimes the type of cleaning is clearly indicated on the labels on the curtains after buying. It is advisable to read these labels for you to achieve the best when cleaning your curtains. By following the right method in cleaning your curtains you will achieve long life of your curtains which is healthy economic wise.

Type of color applied on your curtains
Curtains are meant to add beauty to your window apart from protecting the room from entry of dirt and other unwanted materials. Due to this they tend to be highly colored. Some colors tend to fade when washed with certain detergents .With such curtains it is recommended for you to opt for the dry cleaning method .This is mainly because dry cleaning exposes the curtains to less risk of getting discolored which will affect your color designs on your curtains greatly. When using the dry cleaning method in case you are carrying it yourself at home try and use chemicals that will expose the curtains to less discoloration.

Type of stains on the curtain
The type of stain will greatly influence the choice of cleaning you will apply to your curtains. You may either decide to do laundering on your curtains or dry cleaning depending on the type of stain. There are stains which will get off easily using the dry cleaning method or laundering. Basing on this you can easily decide on the appropriate method. The smell of your curtains after they are cleaned may be your major concern. Basing on this then opting for laundering is appropriate as it will make the curtains smell fresher.

Cost of cleaning the curtains
A s a Singaporean the cost can be your concern. In this case you need to take into consideration your financial capability. If you decide on dry cleaning you have to expect an increase in the cost as compared to laundering. Dry cleaning tends to use expensive chemicals and consumes a lot of power as compared to laundering. This makes dry cleaning a bit expensive.

Taking all these factors into consideration and your own specific considerations, hence the choice will solely remain in you. You may need the cleaning accomplished promptly hence you will tend to choose the appropriate method for such a requirement.