Can We Laundry Wash Our Winter Clothes?

Although it is possible to laundry wash winter clothes, it is advisable to seek professional support from a dry cleaning company. 

This is important considering various facts about winter clothing

(1)Winter clothes take a long time to dry
(2)Winter clothes are made from sensitive material that can easily get damaged when washed with wrong chemicals
(3)Winter clothes are prone to accumulating germs and dust. These may not be entirely removed when the laundry task is handled by a person who is not a professional. 

Some unique challenges that are commonly faced by those who own winter clothes include the following:

– Growth of Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew are organisms that grow very fast in damp places. Normally, these ugly beings are not easy to notice and besides that they pose serious danger the human respiratory system. It is normal to suffer from mold spores when these tiny organisms hide inside your winter clothes and this is why a visiting to your nearest dry cleaning facility is all important. The only way to prevent mold and mildew from laying claim to your winter clothing is by ensuring that your clothes are thoroughly cleaned using the right cleaning agents. It is also important to ensure that these clothes are properly dried up after washing. Else, any moisture that is left hidden may pose danger to your family’s well-being. Another benefit that comes with taking winter clothes to a dry cleaner is that you can be sure to get rid of any stuffy odor that might build up over time. Wool clothes are particularly prone to bad odor and therefore it is always a wise idea to have them cleaned through a proper system. 

– Water damage and general winter hazards

One common wardrobe challenge that is common during winter is wetness. It is normal for winter clothes to gather moisture than other types of clothes. As you know, when the cold season comes around you’ll normally find precipitation from the sky. Also, when you wear these clothes you tend to sweat frequently because of the heavy clothing. At the end of it all, your clothes end up dampening even without you knowing it. Water damage is quite common with winter clothes and that is why it is highly recommended to take your clothes to a dry cleaner so that the gradual effect of water damaging is nipped in the bud. 

– Winter cloth fabric moth

It is quite normal to come across fabric moth hiding in winter clothes. To be a bit specific moths are harmless creatures that make their home in your unkempt clothes. Once they are hatched, they lay their eggs in the fabric and within a short time their larvae hatch and hide deeper within your clothes. At the end of it all, they create holes that cannot be fixed. Winter being a cold season, means that moth from outside will rush into your clothing to seek for a bit of warmth and at the end of it all, your nice clothes will be at risk. For this reason, always make it a habit to visit a dry cleaner. Now that we have seen a few problems that face winter clothes let us now understand the benefits dry cleaning or laundry washing winter clothes. 

(1) Dry cleaning means your clothes will take a short time to dry

You can wait for many days without spotting the sun during the cold season. If you hand-wash your clothes and hang them outside to dry, you might have to wait for a really long time in order for them to dry. However, if you decide to take them to a dry cleaner, there is no need to worry about any of such issues. Dry cleaning ensures that your clothes will dry quickly and at a uniform rate without leaving your material damaged. This not only saves your time but it ensures your clothes are available to be worn at the time of need. 

(2) Dry cleaning gives your clothes longer life

Most winter clothe fabrics do not last for a long time. Even if you buy one that is capable of lasting for several seasons, you might be surprised at how it deteriorates if you don’t clean it the right way. Wrong cleaning method and technology are some of the biggest culprits behind premature aging of clothing. But when you consider the option of laundry washing through a dry cleaner, proper care is taken just to make sure the material does not deteriorate prematurely. Another thing is that experts understand how different clothing materials cope with different changes and are therefore able to avoid damaging your fabrics. This way, your clothes can remain in the best condition for a long time. 

(3) Not too expensive

Winter clothes usually demand a lot of attention during cleaning and this may make the task of cleaning them twice as difficult. A good number of dry cleaning firms however offer competitive deals for this service. Given all the other benefits given in the above two points, it easy to see that the option of laundry washing is affordable and reasonable. 

(4) Dry cleaning services are thorough

Moth, mildew and mold are some of the top threats that emerge from poor cleaning of winter wear. As such, ineffective cleaning of winter wear is something that one should be really careful about. Laundry washing of winter clothes is the best way to ensure that a thorough job is done always. Germs and pieces of dirt that might be hidden deep inside the fabric is completely eliminated during a complete laundry process. 

A Final Word

Is it possible to laundry wash winter clothes? The answer is YES. However, it is imperative that this job is done by a professional all the time. Winter clothes are unique in more ways than one. They are highly susceptible to allergens and can easily become home for moth and larvae. Moreover, they easily gather moisture and dust and often deteriorate due to water damage. 

Considering these facts, it is evident that taking your clothes to a dry cleaner is a good choice because your clothes will be completely clean and they will last longer.