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Still looking for Reliable Laundry Service? Laundry Dry Cleaning Services? Need Free Laundry Pick up & Delivery? Curtains & Carpet Cleaning Service? Mrs Laundry - Singapore #1 Laundry & Dry Cleaning Company
Been using Mrs Laundry for my weekly laundry cleaning for many months now. I have been using several other companies but non are as good as Mrs Laundry. They are very professional and always deliver on time. Not to mention the price are very reasonable.
Esther Siow (Bedok)
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Mrs Laundry - Singapore #1 Stop Solution for All types of Laundry, Curtains, Carpet & Dry Cleaning Services

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& Part Time Maid

Drying LaundryLaundry Pick up
Your Stop Solution for All Types of Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services in Singapore

#1 Laundry, Curtain, Carpet, Ironing, Part Time Maid & Dry Cleaning Company

Specialising in Laundry Pickup Delivery, Laundry Cleaning Services, Dry Cleaning Services, Curtains Dry Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning Services, Laundry Ironing Services, Part Time Maid
Specialising in Laundry Pickup Delivery, Laundry Cleaning Services, Dry Cleaning Services, Curtains Dry Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning Services, Laundry Ironing Services, Part Time Maid
I was sourcing around for laundry pickup and deliver service and i was recommended by my friend who has been using Mrs Laundry for many years. I am very pleased with their service. Laundry came clean and smells good all the time. They are certainly providing real value for their customers. Well done guys!
Ms Cara Yong (Katong)
Mrs Laundry
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